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Should you have bunk or single beds for the kids

The kid’s room is one of the most contentious places in terms of interior design especially in houses where the space is limited and children cannot have separate rooms.

Everyone needs a place to sleep and since floor place is quite important the topic of bunk beds between single children beds should be considered by parents with a small house.

Smart design for a kid’s room – using space better

When space is limited real-estate, creative ideas must be implemented as to maintain order and cleanliness, this is especially true with children’s rooms because they can be quite messy.

A smart usage of space and storage furniture can increase the space and capabilities of a room and this applies not only for small but big houses as well.

Bunk beds are quite an interesting approach since they elevate one bed above the other and allow the parent to organize the room much better.

They are also a fun way of separating space, though there might be some contention on who will go on the top bunk and who will be on the lower, so you need to take that into account as well.

There some quite adorable desk and bed combinations for a single child that compartmentalize storage and living quarters into one singular area.

Bunk beds with stairs and drawers also make organization of a child’s room quite a lot easier, though those choices might be a bit more expensive due to the drawer mechanisms.

Safety of children

There is an obvious caution that should be kept in mind – the elevation of the second child and getting up and down the stairs.

If you have chosen a bunk bed design with vertical stairs you should probably let the older child use the top bunk as they will have better understanding and hand-eye coordination.

Utility and design

Floor space in kid’s rooms is important for play and easy access to other important areas likes desks or closets so choosing to go for a vertical solution with beds is quite an obvious choice.

However, you should consider built-in closets which provide enough room and still give access to storage for clothing, shoes and other items.

In any case, such a choice should be made with utility and safety in mind, if your children are still under the age of 5 you probably should not get bung beds higher than the head height of a child.

You can also use a double bed for both children, or have them separated until they grow enough to be safe to climb.

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