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Best Materials For Children’s Furniture and Toys

Dear parents, we know you want to give the best childhood experience to your kids. These are the days that will stay with them forever, so they should be full of fun and games. This is what makes one child happy – a huge choice of toys and endless time to play with them.

Children don’t really understand the difference between the toy’s material, but this is important information for the parents. They should take care of the quality of the toys and make sure the kids pay only for safe playthings.

Which materials are safe for children’s toys

When you buy toys and furniture for your children is good to take into account some important things for the safety of your kids. First, you should choose toys that are suitable for the age of your child. After you are sure there is no danger for your kid swallowing the toy or getting hurt, check the material of the plaything.

We suggest you avoid polyurethane foam stuffed toys and choose toys filled with polyester, down, wool, or cotton. Instead of plastic toys choose toys made from wood, paper, or cloth. You might ask why. The low quality plastic toys might be toxic and dangerous for kids. This includes all the toys made of PVC plastic. We don’t say that all plastic toys are dangerous, we just want to make you aware of the important things to check when you buy them.

Natural materials – the newest trend in children’s furniture and toys

Using more sustainable materials is getting in trend even in the toys industry. Wooden toys are a great alternative for funny and safe playthings that the kids love. Wooden toys are more durable than ones made from PVC. This quality of wooden toys makes them more valuable. The material is perfect for children’s furniture because they create a cozy interior.

Clothes are another modern and safe material that is wildly used in the toys industry toys. Here you also have to check about the origin of the toy and choose the ones made of natural materials such as cotton, wool, and linen. If you are creative enough you can sew interesting toys and give them to your child.

Silicone can be a substitute for PVC material. Usually is used for bottles and toys for babies. This type of toy is very sustainable because silicone is a material made from sand. The silicone doesn’t sustain toxic chemicals.  As you might know, many baby things are made of silicone, because waterproof and can’t harbor germs.

Children have one goal – to play the whole day. Parents have also one goal – to make the childhood of their children happy. It’s important to make the right choice when you buy a new toy for your kid. In conclusion, we would suggest considering silicone toys as a sustainable and safe alternative to PVC toys. On the other hand, wooden furniture is the best choice for a child’s room because of its durability and natural look.

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