Backyard as a playground for children

How to Make Backyard Playground for Kids

Families are often looking for houses with backyards where the kids can grow free but not too far from their parents’ supervision. If you are among those people, you are most probably planning to install a home playground, where your children can have fun and can exercise a lot. Which are the kid-friendly steps and ideas that you should follow for a wonderful backyard playground area for your kids?

# 1 Leave Enough Open Space for Playground

To get a decent backyard playground you need to have enough space. It would be a plus, if the area is grassy and flat, which means that your kids will have plenty of room for various activities and sports. Naturally, a few trees would be a plus, as they can serve as hiding places and will offer shade. Even better, if these are fruit trees.

# 2 Set Boundaries

You should use fences to set boundaries for your kids, but also to discourage strangers to enter your backyard. You can also use stone and brick walls, or you can plant hedges as an alternative natural wall. The fencing is very important around the pools, if there are small kids in the house.

# 3 Make a Sport Area

If your kids are into football or basketball, you can set a specialized play area for them, which could be built at relatively low costs. In case your kids love to play with sand, make them a sandbox place for some creativity, playing with shovels and trucks. Another good idea to consider is to get slides and swings, ropes and bars. This equipment is fun for the kids and does not require maintenance. If the kids are older, then they might need wooden ramps for bikes, skates and skateboards.

# 4 Make a Hill

In case you do not have a natural hill in your background, make one. It will be great for rolling, sledding and even lying down watching the stars.

# 5 Arrange Hideaways

All kids, no matter the age, love the hideaways, as they inspire their creativity. So, it could be a garage or a gazebo, a tool shed or a place under the deck. It could also be a tree house.

# 6 Careful With The Plants

When making a playground area for the kids, be careful with the plants around. If they are fragile, move them out of kid’s sight. Better plant the area with grass only.

# 7 Make a Pool Area

Add a small swimming pool area and watch the kids playing during the hottest days of the summer. Just make sure you are nearby. These could be temporary pools, portable and easy to fill with water. They will be pretty enough.