Great tips for a proper dishwasher etiquette

Proper dishwasher etiquette

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The dishwasher is a godsend, no one really likes doing the dishes, not after a long day at work then cooking, it seems like too much and then we are glad we have a dishwasher, because it saves time and effort.

But there are some things one can do to extend the life of the dishwasher, and increase the comfort of the household in general – these are some basic rules to make things work better around the house.

This is how a dishwasher should really be taken care of

The most important part about using a dishwasher is making sure that all of the dishes are properly scrubbed from organic matter – this means pots, pans, forks, knives, everything that goes inside should already be cleaned.

But then the question arises, when I’m already cleaning and scrubbing – what’s the point of the dishwasher?

And that’s a valid question – seeing how it’s the job of the machine to make your housework a lot easier, it seems that it’s the same amount – but it’s not that simple – this is not a yes and no topic.

The reason why dishes need to be rinsed and scrubbed beforehand, is because the pipework of the dishwasher is quite fine and delicate, high pressure valves control the entire operation and if clogged the entire machine is pretty much out of commission.

The dishwasher cycles

Any dishwasher, even the most economical models, have several cycles of water usage then draining, it’s during the draining cycles that the pipes might get clogged, so it’s paramount that the dishes are cleaned.

The other benefit of such a machine is that it uses boiling water to thoroughly clean any plates or pants inside, basically sterilizing them.

A dishwasher saves water

According to bill differences, solely a dishwasher saves up to 25% more water which is especially great if you live in an area where the water supply is low and you need to save up.

While it does take up electricity to heat up the water between cycles, there are models that can use hot water straight from the boiler of house.

There are even solar ready dishwashers that save energy and water and are suitable for self-reliant family which uses only solar power – in these cases preserving electricity is important.

In general, heating elements and cold freezers are the number one reason we pay so much for electricity, and this becomes painfully aware when you take the step towards self-sufficient living.