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Is RGB lighting for the bedroom a good design choice

Experimenting with lighting is one sure way of finding something you did not know you liked, like certain colors or hues on a white wall, dancing lights around the room turning it into a different location all together.

In recent years, LED technology from TVs came to the household lighting world, giving us RGB or Red, Green, Blue which, when combined, can provide more than 16 million color variations.

This is the technology used for TVs, Smartphone and laptop monitors, providing you virtually endless color options, giving you customizability beyond anything that has ever come out. Only a fire lit wall in a cabin during a winter storm can be more emotionally charged than a light of your choice.

Experience your bedroom like you have never before

LGB lights give homeowners full control of the color of their room, with a carefully place LED strip around the room, you can not only control the colors, but also the tempo and whether the change or not.

This is so popular, that there are viral videos on the Youtube with more than 300 million views showcasing these amazing lights – with an affordable price tag, they are a great choice for a quick design.

The benefits of such lights is that they can be combined with regular lights or even dimmers, giving you even more control over the lighting situation of the bedroom.

The control allows you to change the color of the room with a single press of a button, instantly matching your mood or helping you relax after a long day.

Humans are visual beings

As visual creatures, we receive more than 75% of the sensory information through eyesight, and visual stimulation is heavily linked to neural stimulation of the emotional centers of the brain. While smells and sounds also provide quite visceral experiences, light is far more prevalent in our informational arsenal by far.

So choosing what your room looks like gives you more than a design choice, it gives you a chance to stimulate yourself and your brain in a way that you could not have before. You need to relax? First of all you should consider removing the TV set from your bedroom.

Then, think about going with a greenish hue – maybe you need to get into a creative mood – go for yellowish or orange-like colors, it’s all in the palm of your hand.

These light switches are installed along with a Bluetooth emitter that connects to your smartphone, giving you the chance to make them into musical lights as well, matching the rhythm of a song, pulsing and undulating.

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