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Paint guide – what colors are best suited for a kid’s room

One of the biggest debates among parents and interior designers alike, are what sort of colors should be used from a child’s room. While there is a school of thought that pretty much any color goes, there is a concern about the stimulating factor of colors and what sort of effect they will have on children, especially if they are younger in age.

The psychology of colors in a child’s room

If you take a closer look, you will see that all colors used in children’s rooms are dull variations. Here, dull is not used to describe boring, but rather showcase more “quiet” expression of a color.

This is not a coincidence, it’s absolutely on purpose and the reason for this decision and practice is simple – children are easily stimulated visually and to reduce stress and to ease them in, more quite and dull color variations are used – orange and red are not recommended due to their brightness and stimulation of the mind.

Child psychology experts correlate the presence of bright colors, with an overactive child, thus suggesting that any child’s room should be painted in duller, more quite and relaxing color variations.

Dull Yellow

Yellow is generally thought to be an active, yet relaxing color. In Vedic culture, the yellow color is connected with Vishnu, the Divine father of the cosmos, and is thought to provide prosperity and longevity to whoever uses it.

A dull variation of yellow will provide quite a lot of stimulation for the child and it will brighten up the room, without causing too much excitement.

Eggshell white

Eggshell is non-vibrant variation of white which has a hint of beige which provides enough depth to the color, making it look saturated and not as sterile as pure white. Your goal, when picking out the colors of the room, is provide enough stimulation and relaxation for the child’s mind, without taking away the vibrancy and life the room should have.

Chalkboard paint areas

Chalkboard paint is a great way to provide a creative outlet for your child, especially if they have a tendency to draw a lot, especially on walls. Chalkboard paint in certain areas will give your child the freedom of expression, while also teaching them about structure and the appropriateness of certain actions.

This is a way to teach your child that certain things are okay when they are in the right context, and are frowned upon when they are in the wrong context.


Aqua is an almost baby-blue like variation which has quite a lot more closeness to the whiter spectrum, while still retaining the relaxing feel of light blue. This color is appropriate for use in newborn rooms and has a unisex feel to it, making it suitable both for boy and girl rooms.

Green – pale or saturated

Green is known to be a relaxing color, bringing back the mind to a state where it was once one with nature. It also symbolizes abundance, spring and the end of constraints, providing that known feeling of relaxation which you get when you finally receive that thing that you wanted for a long time.

There are more saturated variations which have a darker hue to them, and we do recommend you stay on the lighter spectrum and choose pale green instead. It has an admixture of lighter tints, closely resembling the colors of early spring and sprouting leafs.

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