baby-proof staircase

How to baby-proof the staircase

A lot of results and statistics say that lots of children often suffer injuries each day, because of home incidents. Some of them are minor, but some could be a lot more dangerous if you do not baby-proof the staircase and your home area.

The staircase is probably the most common place in the dwelling where such accidents could happen. Baby proofing your home is a lot easier thing to do, that you might wonder. Here are some ideas of how you could make your house safer for the toddler.

The access should be restricted

Your children should not have the opportunity to reach to the stair case whenever they want to. There is no baby guide, where this is not mentioned. The reason is that sometimes you could lose sight of the little one, and they could be really fast sometimes. Especially if they find something interesting.

Gates and baby-proof the staircase

It’s a universal way to keep your baby away from the stairs. Such devices could be adjusted anywhere like fences, so your little one will be much safer and away from the steep stair case. So before purchasing the baby gate or fence, get the sizes of the area you need to “lock” for the next, let’s say … few years. You also need to consider and the design if you want it to be compatible with your interior.

If the stair case is always busy and you use it a lot during the day, you should consider mechanisms, which only you could unlock and use as a gate when baby-proof the staircase.

Sometimes you need the stair case more than you need the TV set at home. Bringing laundry up and down is a good example of stair case usage.

Different purposes

There are baby gates for many different purposes. Some of them are made for larger areas. Some for smaller. Those who are designed for open areas have to be adjusted to a wall or door frame firmly. Mount them well. This way they will remain sturdy over the distance stretched.

Some baby gates have extensions that can be used separately. They could allow covering virtually any distance. So this way you could restrict hazardous rooms for the baby and not only the access to the stairs.

If your area just before the base of the stairs are not quite large, then the baby gate is not a good idea for you. In such problems, there are plenty of decisions in the specialized stores. There you could find the perfect sizes that match your staircase.

A swinging gate is also not a bad decision. It could be adjusted to open in previously prepared for a concrete degrees and could be fitted that way. Also there is no tripping hazard.

Useful additional ideas

It’s a very good idea to carpet the stairs. Just like that. Just in case. There are cool ways to do that especially if your flooring is of wood. This way you will avoid the slipping risk for the baby and if there is still risk of falling, the carpet will deal this with good cushioning.

This carpeting idea will be useful for even when the baby gets a bit older. As toddlers and little children they tend to be even more curious for interesting things and unexplored parts of the house.