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Is a LED strip in the kitchen a good investment

The kitchen is everyone’s favorite room, parents, children guests and pets alike – everyone knows that the most fun things happen in the kitchen, but something that can enhance your food experience is light.

Yes, preparing food requires smell and taste, but there are visual cues that you need to look out for and know when the timing is right – it’s no wonder that professional kitchens have such good lighting.

If you want to implement that model into your own home, a strip of led lights underneath the bottom row of kitchen cabinets is a great source of extra light and visibility. Not only will you be able to observe the food preparation a lot better, but you will also be able to enhance the general sensation of your kitchen.

Using LED lights for utility and aesthetics

As you can see, there are some amazing light emitting diodes out there that come in strips or individual islands, which can be installed underneath the top row of kitchen cabinets.

The switch you can place anywhere that it feels right and comfortable, however, it’s a good idea to have it next to the other switches as you will be using them together, most likely.

These diodes come in a strip with a narrow strip which they fit in, it is taped then screwed to the surface then the electrical work is finalized – pretty simple and affordable.

There is a need for purchasing a digital transformer which changes the incoming power into DC, as the one coming from your electrical network is most probably AC.

The alternating current is not stable enough for the delicate electronics in of the led strip, and a transformer which changes the unstable electrical current into a more stable one. This in turn means that your electrical bill will be a lot more affordable than you are used to.

Aesthetics are important for a kitchen

While it is true that we use this room for utilitarian purposes, the aesthetics of the kitchen can inspire people to create better food, make it with love and imagination, rather than just consume and produce.

Light is a very good source of leaving an impact on a certain surface, enhancing or reducing certain visual aspects of a place, very much like public spaces do with landmarks and such.

Lighting and shadows play an important role between the distinctions of colors and shapes, so using this natural factor into your kitchen lighting, can bring a much needed aesthetic depth.

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