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How to easily create a baby-proof home

When there is a newborn at home you must be prepared with good precautions in order to create a safe environment for the him/her. There are plenty of ways to do that, but still there are some essentials which is better to follow though for a safe and comfortable baby-proof home.
First of all you should know that some things at your home might turn around and change a bit. And this is absolutely normal. But still- there are ways that you will continue with the daily life at home and in the same time making it safer space for your newborn or toddler.

Here we have got some of the best practices, considering the safety of your little ones in an example of a baby-proof home.

Bathroom ideas

For good baby-proof home, start by turning down the water temperature on the water heater. When preparing a bath for your baby it is important to try the water first and then put the little one in it. Another good idea is providing toilet lit locks, because babies actually are interested in all that it looks new and „strange” to them.

Doors and windows

If it happens that you have got sliding doors in the interior consider opening them, so the little one won’t bump into some of them. Use doorknob covers.

Window guards are a must, so they will not be able to open more than few centimeters. Just for safety sake. Blinds’ cords and similar “rope-like” items should be rolled so, the little one will not tangle into them.

In this occasion there shouldn’t be any high chair or “stair-like” item near the windows, so the baby won’t climb up on it. Actually do not place any kind of furniture near windows. Here is another article, If you want to read more about the topic “How to babyproof stairs” and protect your baby.

Don’t miss ou

It is a tricky one, cause sometimes while dealing with the obvious precautions we forget to ensure that. Cover all the electrical outlets. There are plenty of different models safety plugs which you could use for this task. Especially when toddlers start crawling, they start to poke at everything that is interesting to them. Do not forget the ones behind furniture.

The fireplace
If you want to have or you already have got a fireplace consider to cover it well with fire and heat proof glass. Cushions on some dangerous places are of a big necessity for a baby-proof home.

From one floor to the other
Staircases are a dangerous ones. You happen to live in a house or an apartment, where there is a stairway? Consider of ensuring them with some additional elements. For example- gates that could be impossible to open by the little ones. The same decision could be made if you are worried for them getting out of their room and going to the stair case. These kind of additional doors could be installed even to regular doors to prevent this from happen.

Another important and tricky moment
Prevent yourself leaving colorful stuff or any other kind of “interesting” items for the babies around the stairway. This will attract their attention and probably make them “take a peek”.

Accessories and furniture sometimes seem absolutely safe for a baby-proof home, but they may not be. Put away any unstable furniture- tables, chairs, stools, which the baby could climb over.
About the higher grounds.

Bookcases could be of a great interest to the toddler, because they are colorful, and they are “somewhere up high”.   Buy some locks for the drawers. Do this because an open drawer could be a dangerous for the little one, since he could use it for a support to climb up the bookcase. We probably do not have to mention that all the drawers with medications or cosmetics in them should be taken care of. This way the baby won’t have access to them as well. The same is for the household drawers with kitchen appliances and hardware.

Appliances that seem safe
Actually there are no absolutely “safe” appliances, when we talk about the baby’s safety. You do not have to be paranoid about this whole safety idea, but hey, there is no such thing as “too cautious”. Turn the handles of pots and pans to the position that they are out of reach of the baby. When cooking do not let him play around you, cause there might be some hot particles or liquids coming out of the cooking meal.

The “touch and burn” lesson
Everybody remembers the old “touch and burn” lesson with the hot oven. So teach your kid, that it is dangerous around the oven, because it is really hot around there. All other kind of kitchen appliances like mixers, blenders, toasters should be out of his reach as well.

All these precautions should be a lesson and a starting point for you. Some of them could have been already provided from you. But consider all of them and even more. This way you could be sure that your little ones are safe and sound around your home.

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