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Living room and Bedroom storage solutions

The bedrooms, living rooms and closets come in different varieties and sometimes in strange shapes. The smaller the space and the stranger the shape, the most challenging it is for you to use the premise. This results in piles of things that are stored in various areas. The only option that you have is to find a storage zone that is large enough or smart enough to collect all your belongings and store them in a stylish way. So, what shall you do?

Get rid of the things you do not need

You do have unnecessary things at home, which you keep just in case but you never use them. The junk seems to pile up quickly and this takes plenty of your space. Thus the very first thing that you can do is to throw away the things that you do not need. If there are clothes that you do not wear and do not intend the wear at all, better donate them to the church or to one of the organizations. In case you have old papers – cut them through the shredder. Put all other things back at their places and this organization will make the place look larger and better.

Store the Accessories

Jewelry and Accessories are very easy to get disorganized, so use the special jewel boxes. For the scarves and ties – you can use curtain rings, attaching them to the bottom of the hanger.

Organize the toys

The toys of the children always need cleaning, so try to find a good storage area for them and once you clean those toys put them in one place. Use boxes to place the stuffed animals and the toy cars. You can also organize your kid’s pencils, small toys and puzzles by color.

Organize your hobby

If you have any hobby or you are a DIY person who has plenty of instruments, set a place at home where you will store all that. This will prevent things from getting lost or damaged.

Arrange your home office

In case you work at home and have some office supplies, make a system for the mail and all other papers that you are using. There are plenty of solutions available, so buy the one that best suit your working desk. Note that you should organize your working place every day after you are finished, otherwise expect piles of documents around.

Final words

Keeping a home organized and clean is very challenging, but if you manage to do it you will get plenty of space that you can live in and enjoy. Do the effort, it will pay you back.

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