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Refresh your living room the right way

Nobody likes boredom. Admit it. Even when we talk about s simple vision of a home, there’s plenty of things that can ruin or improve the atmosphere in a dwelling.

Being super cool or trendy is not the most important thing, no. The most important thing is that one particular home should express the particularities of its inhabitants, to improve their usual daily routines and to connect with the leisure activities.

Nevertheless one couldn’t have all the time and possibilities in the world to make a total refurbishment or a massive change in one’s house or a flat.

So basically some slightest ideas, some nip and tuck trends could lead to perfect results in the refreshing of a home.

Light at home

First of all- think about the most essential thing in the premise- light. If it comes in the right way- through the window or any other openings – that’s OK. But in case there is not enough natural light, try using smart ideas.

Some innovating light ideas will improve the contrasting role which it has in your living area. It’s not such an easy task, have this one in mind.

There has to be a certain strategy, a well-balanced project. It has to be combined with the details of your home and also the needs of the concrete room.

Hidden lighting spare your space and can be installed in almost every corner of the dwelling. We couldn’t be more agree with the energy saving-light bulbs and other lightning devices, which have longer life and consume less electricity.

Pop art

Another thing – consider pop-cultural (or any other kind of) prints and plain color. After all less is more. Or at least they do say so.

Since you’ve got some empty wall space, you can use it as a field of art excerpts. Prints, framed art, photos or drawings can put some extra spice on the design effect you are looking for.

Prints and exceptional art improvements could be put also on the textile part of your home- cushions, throw pillows, blankets, rugs or tapestries- all of them could come in different design.

So many printing studios and the internet full of design ideas- the choice is yours. Just remember to keep in the good manner of collaborating the art with the other interior.


Basically all natural materials are super cool for us.

Textile and wood combinations are pretty nice and could provide rather warm nuance to a dwelling.

Wood has pleasant color and balances well with other “dull” colors, and why not some more vivid- take green for example. And another thing is if your whole idea of home interior is in a rather natural-like and simplicity manner think of some furniture made out of wood cargo pallets.

They are cheap, they are eco-friendly and are also adjustable with whole bunch of ideas, colors and materials.

Be concrete

Leave something bare and natural.

Think of a brick wall or a concrete piece of the whole interior. Don’t paint it, just leave it that way.

If you do your job right you may have some great looking and smooth contrast in the living room or the kitchen. A nice painting or a pop-art poster will go very well in case it’s matched properly.

Nature calls

Search inspiration in nature. Natural materials or masterpieces created by the environment itself could provide you with the great ideas of redecorating a home area.

Think about the colors of nature- lakeside, sea shore, mountain, or a snowy peak.

Transform those colors into your home by choosing the furniture resembling those exact nature textures and voila- there’s your nature inspired home.


Combine colors. Do not be a slave to “matching-no-matter-what-the-cost-is combination. Sometimes contrast is very delightful and good.

Mix concrete walls with green or yellow textile of the furniture or rugs, be brave and results will not be late.

Vintage trends

Vintage! It’s a trend not only in pop-culture and music, but also in furniture and home interior. Something old and shabby could provide a hint of a sentimental spirit to your home.

Try to sandpaper an old table or some chairs, then repaint them using two layers of well-combined paint colors. After they dry out properly, sand again the upper layer and there you go- you’ve got an old-fashioned looking furniture.

To improve its abilities and long life you could put some matted varnish and coat it this way.


It’s not such well-known theme, despite it is so much gossiped recently. It’s quite a strange and effective trend which awaits to be acknowledged and used in a proper way.

Minimalism boldly enters homes and dwellings all over the world in the form of philosophical movement which teaches that everything in a home has to be with certain purpose and meaning to the inhabitants. More on this theme can be found in all around the internet.

No matter the trends a home is still a home if you put some of your energy and inspiration in it. But do not be hasty.

An idea has to be well considered and planned, nevertheless sometimes it is good enough just to improvise.

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