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The Ultimate Guide to a Clutter-free Living Room

Running all day between work and tasks, dreaming for the day when you will put an order in your living room and decorate your chill zone? How familiar is this situation for you?

We know how difficult is to find free time to organize your living room. Even though you have time, you might have no motivation to get rid of the clutter in your home. That’s why we got inspired and created the ultimate guide that will help you to find time and inspiration to achieve a clean and clutter-free living room.

Let’s get started

There is a big difference if you live alone or with other people and family members. Both have advantages and disadvantages. If you live with more people try to inspire them to make an effort to keep your common spaces clean and clutter-free. A great way to achieve this is to explain to your family how important is to you to have an organized living room. You can add how this can increase home comfort and bring more happiness for all of you.

Tips and tricks for a clutter-free living room

Not all people like to clean and put the thing in place, but everyone likes to live in a tidy, well-organized, and cozy home. So, we suggest you this – enjoy the result, not the process.

  • Get rid of items you don’t use

There are many things that we collect with the idea that we might need them someday. Enough! Get rid of every item you haven’t used for the last 6 months. You can donate everything useful to someone that will appreciate it more than you. Use the rule “one in, one out” to help you decide which items will stay.

  • I want to break free from …. cleaning

Not everyone is Monica Geller and cleaning is a very frustrating task for many. Anyways, is an important one and you can try to make it more fun. Put on music, take a glass of wine or call a friend while cleaning all the surfaces in the room. If you already got inspired to make more, continue with neglected areas like remote controls, lampshades, curtain rails, plants, and books. Don’t forget to vacuum – clean after you clean the dust.

  • Organize the bookshelves and all the cupboards

When was the last time you organize your bookshelves? Such a long time ago that you even don’t remember. It’s time to have a look at all the books and items you have on the bookshelves, clean them, and re-organized them.

  • Decorative boxes – cute and smart way to organize better

There are many decorative boxes that you can match with the interior of the living room and use to store things. This is a smart way to keep the things you need without making a cutter in the room.

Getting rid of the cutter in your living room is not the best way to spend your free time, but it might be more fun than you expected. Make a plan before you started and put goals to help you to make the process measurable. Enjoy the result after and keep it as long as you can.

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