ideas for empty walls

Cool home ideas for empty walls

An empty wall could look like large empty space in a room. That is why sometimes we need to put some additional decorations or useful items on walls that seem too blank for the taste. That’s why we pondered on some ideas for empty walls and how big is their part in the home improvement.

Some of the coolest ideas for wall decorating the blank spaces include paintings and posters. On the other hand they could be inspired by anything and could be made of different materials.

Enjoy some of the ideas for the blank wall fulfilling the space trends.

The “take – a – look – at – this” poster

Nothing grabs attention like a good original poster on the wall. If your dwelling tends to look more contemporary there are a lot of choices for the blank walls. Popular poster trends right now are the placards with special fonts and distinctive spellings. You could use an enormous frame or you could combine few smaller and form them in shape. Nail them to the wall and that’s it.

The good thing about this idea is that you could actually print whatever you like. Just keep with the style of the room and your previous ideas for empty walls.


It’s has similar effect like the posters, but in the same time if really practical. Calendars could be mashed with any type of poster art you would like. Just choose your design and images and go to the nearest photo studio to print it.

Nature’s children

Animals, fruit, vegetables, insects etc. These digitally printed flora and fauna’s representatives are a great way to fill a blank wall at home. Printed, their images could be combine with small frames and scattered across the empty wall.


Even though you are arranging the living room’s wall, you could put some simple shelves on the blank wall. If the wall is in the kitchen, there is always practical way which could be used for – plates, utensils and so on and so forth. But if it is in a living room, it shelves could be used for different decoration holders and place for some of your favorite books.

DIY solutions and ideas for empty walls

If it happens that you are quite the art person, then you should probably already know what to do with a blank wall. But if you don’t you can use some of yours or a friend’s artwork to put it on the wall. An original is always better than a copy, you know.

The beach style

If you happen to decorate a beach villa or a bungalow you will need more of a natural look. Try to fill the empty wall with combined pieces of natural wood or washed – out planks. You can prepare them by doing them with sand paper. Then add a coat of a paint, wait for it to dry well and add another color. After it dries well as well, do it slightly with sand paper so the under color could emerge this and there. It will become a great type of vintage art for the empty wall.

Another good example in your ideas for empty walls is to hang a surf board on the wall.

The clock

Remember those ones? The wall clocks? Yes, most of us probably do. It’s a great way to fill the empty space on a wall. And do not think it is quite old – school. No you could add a clock mechanism to every piece of art poster that you like. Just make sure you adjust it well.