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Living room arrangements with a tone of the past

The living room of the mid 50’s in the US was a staple representation of family values, it was a place where the entire family gathered to enjoy each other’s company, share their days and play game nights.

It is also called a family room, where everyone gathered around the TV set to enjoy a movie or a program suitable for all ages – nowadays that has not changed, but it simply not the same.

Smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices have transformed the living room in a playground of technologies, where people enjoy their video games, have home theaters and generally enjoy each other’s company in a different way.

So has the role of decorations and interior design changed with the times, it is more utilitarian, aimed at storage and beauty at the same time.

Some may argue that this is a vast living room improvement, while others think that this has ruined this space.

Bringing an aesthetic from the past back

To bring something from the past can be a risky choice, although there is a return to retro, if you look at the fashion world you will see a lot of retro, 70’s and 90’s themes in today’s clothing.

And it is for a good reason, good looking is still good even after nearly 30 years, so it’s no wonder people are looking back even further.

The Victorian Era

Granted, this might not be to everyone’s taste, however, there are some fantastic design decisions you can make, for example blacksmith furniture is experience quite a return to the modern form.

The sensation of old and new fusion brings a brand new look to an old style that truly deserves a return – the blacksmith tables, beds, and other furniture allows for a lot of diversity when picking a style.

It can be adapted to a more modernistic look, or you can decide to keep the Victorian feel to the furniture, with swirling flowers, roses and other complimenting elements, allowing for a very modest and classical view.

The reason such furniture is so prominent is due to its visual diversity, allowing for air and vision to pass through it without forgoing the intricacy of the craftsman.

Forged goods are a sturdy addition to any interior, even if you choose small elements, like candle holders or door knobs, it has a very cold yet inviting feel and it gives your home interior a very distinguished look.

It can be painted to your liking with the project being under your full control – emphasize of quality rather than quantity with forged furniture and elements in your living room.

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