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Genius ideas for bathroom improvement

Bathroom is the most tricky place in a home, where clean level and comfort are at stake. Hanging by a thread is mostly the effort to keep things in there tidy, neat and in order. But there is always a big BUT when dealing which such a stuff, when not only you use a bathroom, but the whole family, no matter how many people there are in it.
So let’s hack you with some cool ideas concerning few of the biggest problems, which could disturb your stay in your bathroom for good.

Having problems with the shower-head? Say no more!
Since there is the tendency dealing with water saving ideas, most of the new models shower-heads have installed in them the so called water saving reducers. They prevent the exceptive usage of water when using the bathroom, which is cool. But nevertheless these devices may cause you some discomfort when taking a shower for example. The reason is that these reducers lower the pressure of the floating water and if this device is not proper you may experience this little low pressure nightmare. So the only thing for you is to unscrew the reducer for a while. To remove the water faucet reducer, unscrew the shower-head off its arm. Look inside for the reducer; it is usually a bright color. Remove the gasket that holds the reducer in place then remove the reducer. But before taking this high end measure look for another reason for the low water pressure. It could be cause by the so called hard water. Hard water is with high consistency of minerals and can leave such deposits in the shower-head. This way restricting the water flow. In this case you must roll up your sleeves and clean the it. Soak it in vinegar to loosen and remove deposits. Boiling the vinegar, letting it cool a bit, then placing the shadower in it will make it work even faster. If you still got that low pressure problem even after this procedure, check the shut off valves (both cold and hot) for your shower to see if they’re not open as fully as they could be (that’s an easy one though).

Ventilation is the key
Bathroom and toilets collect moisture and odors, which should be ventilated for the healthy purpose of the fine living at home. We are pretty sure you know that already. And if you ain’t got a window, you should be equipped with those fans, that pull out the unwanted moist and odors. Having this one of course obligates you to maintain it and look for it regularly. You’ll see that in time, dust builds up in the fan slits. That makes them work less efficiently and effectively. You can test the fan’s strength by placing one square of toilet paper in front of it when running to see how much air it is drawing in (however, this may only show you how strong a fan you have installed). If you don’t mean to replace the device, give the fan a good cleaning with a vacuum hose fitted with a brush attachment. See if something doesn’t block the fan of the exhaust pipe. To clean this, you can use a dryer vent brush, as well

Storing in bathroom is important, because mostly the things you keep in there are with a vital meaning to the everyday life at home. If you have some cabinets, and you have them for a couple of years you will know that in time they may start to look not like they were looking like in their early years. If your bathroom cabinets are looking a bit dingy but not that bad to be changed with new ones, there’s no need to feel stuck if your budget is limited. We believe that there is nothing that cannot be improved and even laminate covered cabinets can be freshened up. There are kits available that include all primers and paint/epoxy layers. But we have tried and popularize the idea of the sanding and repainting. This so called handmade craft-like idea is quite simple and cool. First you have to sand the surface and pull down the old layers of paint, then you should choose the new color, paint it all over and save this look with a proper varnish to protect to surface from moist. To make the job easier, remove all the doors, drawers, hardware and work on these parts in a clean workspace away from the bathroom. It’s best to use rollers or foam brushes to get a smooth finish. For the finishing touch, pick up some new knobs and pulls. They will create a great contrast and usefulness.

Broken tile could be a pain, we know that. And it always looks like it is the end of the world when stare at this ugly scene in a nice-looking bathroom. But for every problem there is a decision. To deal with this problem cut around the broken or cracked tile at the grout line using a tile saw attachment for a rotary tool (if you do not think you will succeed efficiently, go on and call a specialist). If it’s not loose, you’ll need to break up the tile using a hammer for example. Make sure you protect the surrounding tiles from breaking. Clean the area well and check to see if there is a void that may have cause the tile to crack. If there is such, apply a leveler compound, smooth, and allow to set. Apply mortar to the back of the tile and area it’s being inserted, and set in place, making sure it is level with the surrounding tile. Leave the mortar to set and apply grout. When this sets, apply a grout sealer.

Cleaning the Grout
Speaking about tiles and grouts between them you probably know what happens with grout in time. It becomes a bit dirty looking and messy, because of the moist. Not sealing the grout lines after doing a tile job, is probably the biggest mistake, which have led to this. It won’t take long to regret this decision when irregular color patterns start showing up in the grout. But, hey, don’t worry. Manufacturers have vastly improved grout cleaning products that will get the job done. However, these products are pretty noxious and you’ll need to be a lot aware when using them. An alternative is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, and there is always the option of use a steam spot cleaner. No matter what you use, you’ll need some elbow grease and heavy-duty brushes. Once you’ve cleaned the grout and allowed adequate drying time, seal that thing and keep it clean like forever.

And last, but probably the biggest issue in a bathroom- the mold!
The important thing for you is to learn how to prevent it, not only how to clean that unpleasant mess. First thing- keep good ventilation. Good air- circulations could be provided by a window or an exhaust fan. After shower, wipe that moisture off the walls. You can use squeegee for the purpose. You must be aware of small leaks in the room, because sometimes they are not recognizable if being too small or at a hidden place.

And just to be sure you’ve got everything right, just keep in mind that the most important thing is to maintain! This is the key to everything. Let’s not forget that.


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