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LED or Regular lights in the Bedroom

Light is a source of information, but above all else, it is a source of security and comfort – which is why it’s so important to invest in good lighting in the bedroom, since you spend your most important hours in there.

While it is not recommended sleeping with the lights turned on, having a gentle source of light when you get up at night or early in the morning is important for brain stimulation and generally having good lighting is one of the best ways to make your bedroom more attractive and cozy.

Good light sources reduce stress levels, increase productivity and generally affect the mood, so when it comes to the “lights problem” it’s important to explore the options and understand how they will affect us.

The regular filament light bulbs that use tungsten to ignite with electrical signals, are becoming more and more obsolete, they are not as reliable, they don’t last as long, and they are not nearly efficient enough compared to LED lights.

Why you should strongly consider LED lights over conventional light bulbs

Main reason is because they are a lot more effective and resilient, this is due to the way they produce light in the first place, there are no moving parts or mechanical tensions, unlike with regular bulbs.

This is the reason they last a lot longer and are 50% more efficient in turning electricity into light.

Their life expectancy is around 100 000 working hours, by which point you would have forgotten that you even put them there – they last so long your kindergartener will graduate high school before the lights go out.

And if this does not sound enticing enough, there are LED lights that can be controlled through a smart phone, very much like a dimmer – allowing you to fully control the light level of the room.

Great source of light for a long time

All of this is done remotely, comfortably and quite affordably, thanks to advances in manufacturing and general consumer care by many companies.

Having dimmed lights when waking up is great for your sleep cycle, rather than abandoning the increased levels of dopamine in the brain during the night, you get a good night’s rest even if you went to the bathroom at 3 A.M.

The installation of these lights is very much the same as that of regular lights, with the small difference that there is no need for such high of a current, as these lights use 12v rather than the regular 120v.

This is quite the difference, meaning that you electrical bill will be a lot more economical and pleasant to look at once you get it.

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