TV in the bedroom

Things to know about the TV in the bedroom

In the past families used to have just one TV that usually stayed in the living room. Today the electronic devices are all around us, so having a television set in almost each room in the house is quite the norm. The TVs are cheaper today, so we have them in our bedroom, in our kitchen and guest room. Watching a telly in bed and even falling asleep as the TV is working is something quite common. So, which are the things that you need to know if you have a TV in your bedroom? Read below.

Bad for the health, more freedom for the household members

Some people say that TVs are bad for the sleep and that watching the news before going to bed is not good for your mental health. Yet, having several TVs is great when the different members of the family want to watch different programs and channels at the same time. Thus, having an extra TV in the bedroom is planned to offer relaxation and comfort.

How to make the TV in the bedroom experience work in the best possible way

Watch the angle – the angle of the TV and the location of the TV are very important. The TV should never be placed in the corner and on small pieces of furniture. Instead, it can be placed on a tall dresser or ne mounted to the ceiling through hanging brackets.

The Built-in TV – these TVs are getting very popular. They rise out of the foot of the bed and can be hidden when not being used. In addition, there are special lifts that can automatically fold and slide the TV and store it under the bed.

Adjustable Bed – if you get a new bed that can raise and fall thanks to a remote control, well… that will be pretty amazing! So, choose the best position for your body and enjoy yourself.

Prop Chair – this chair is similar to the top of a recliner but with no seat. It allows you to sit or to lean and it can come with cup holders, which is very practical.

Support Pillow – the support pillow is different than the standard ones. It has stiff but flexible pads and can support your back and neck while you are lying.

Special glasses – the angled glasses will allow you to lie down and to see all the images in front of you. This mirrored technology is great for your neck as well.