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5 ways to make your bedroom more attractive

If you have taken the important decision to sell your house, you should pay special attention to the bedroom. This is probably one of the first places that a buyer will see in your home and your work on home improvement would be awarded.

However, this room will help them take the final decision, and if you are smart and include a little imagination, you could add an additional amount to the value of your property. That’s why you should not be careless. Before the arrival of the potential buyer, you need to pay attention to a number of details.

You know that the bedroom of a home is a sacred place. A place to sleep and rest, to find some privacy when you need it, to enjoy the precious moments with your partner or to lie until noon with an intriguing novel in a lazy rainy weekend.

In general, this is one of the most intimate areas of a home (except the bathroom, of course). Let us give you five ideas regarding your bedroom, which will significantly increase the value of your property for sale.

1. Brighten the colors of your bedroom

Some time before the visitation your potential customers, you could paint the room in nice fresh nuances. But do not forget to ask about some paint that doesn’t smell. Most stores offer an increasing choice, so this is a pretty good idea. You could add also some vanilla extract in your paint, so the bad smell will be completely removed.

2. Add some accessories and pictures on the wall

This is a fast way to create a pleasant atmosphere and a feeling of completeness in the room. You could add also some small decorative pillows on the bed. Place a comfortable chair near the window. Tell your buyer you love to read books or magazines there, or to watch out when it rains.

3. Do not forget the appropriate light

Make sure the light in the room to be soft and pleasant. This not only creates a sense of comfort, but also makes the small defects less irritating. Avoid too bright and strong light, even if you like it. It is aggressive, and most people will not be especially impressed if their bedroom looks like an office.

4. Make the bedroom smell fresh

This can be achieved very easily. Just refresh, clean, place an air freshener and wash the curtains. The pleasant scent will evokes a sense of purity and serenity in the potential buyer. Most suitable is to use a delicate scent of lavender.

5. Add some grenness

You could place some plants in the bedroom, but do not overdo it. Proceed according to the size of the room.  For example, you could put two or three small pots in different parts of the bedroom or a larger one near the window. The appropriate flower will add an amazing feeling of freshness and beauty, and your buyer will be pleasantly impressed.

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