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What are the biggest mistakes in bedroom design

Bedroom designs vary from household to household, with many factors determining and pressure certain decisions that should be chosen over others. Today, we will be discussing what factors are being overlooked and why this is mistake not only for the aesthetics but also for the functionality of a family bedroom.

Avoid these mistakes and you will be fine

Size is one of the biggest factors when it comes to interior design. The size of the room, the size of the furniture and the size of the decorations are some of the main considerations when going for a functional yet stylish interior design.

There are some decisions which are not made instantly, but have a cumulative effect, which over time becomes more and more apparent. If you take a photo a newly designed and furnished bedroom, and you take that same photo 3 years later, you will see that cumulative effect – most commonly resulting in cluttering and overburdening of the space.

Using too much furniture

When the space is limited, or even if it’s not, but you overdo the furnishing aspect, you will get a cluttered, overbearing, hard to breath sensation which comes over you. While there is nothing wrong about making it comfortable and cozy, there is something that should be said about overdoing it.

It not only looks too busy, but it also makes it harder for you to use to room freely without tripping over something. If you have to go sideways to reach from one point of the room to the opposite, you’ve done something wrong and you should reconsider the furniture choices you’ve made.

Choosing a low hanging chandelier

Lighting is vital for the usability and utility of the room, without a light the room becomes uncomfortable to use and makes your life a bit more difficult. And of course, there should be a light source of some sort, and the wrong kind is a low hanging chandelier – you should not rely on it as a main source, especially if it’s a low ceiling room.

What it will do is make the ceiling feel even lower and create a cramped feeling, rather than provide the freedom and light you are looking for. Rather than using a chandelier, you can go for a fixed or built-in light fixture which recesses into the ceiling, providing you with enough light, without taking away from the visual space.

Having way too many lights

While lights are important, having too many of them can ruin the relaxing ambiance of the bedroom which you are trying to create. A small room – a 40 square foot bedroom, only requires one ceiling fixture and additional wall mounted or free standing lights.

Chrome and glass provide enough reflection, while also avoiding the smothering effect that too much wood-colored paints can have.

Bed is big, room is small

While the latter are quite common, this mistake is the most common, made due to the desire to have a large bed. Large beds are great, they make you feel like royalty, however if your room is small, a large bed will take far too much space.

If you still want to keep it, think about the orientation and the easy of usability, if that does not help, then consider getting a smaller bed instead. Queen sized beds are only 16 inches narrower than king sized beds are can still provide more than enough comfort for two people.

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