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The creative kids room and how to build it

Kids need to grow in rather safe and calm atmosphere. Since you have one (or two, or three) you have probably considered how to engage the sparkle in the little ones minds and hearts. The sparkle which can feed their curiosity and will to learn more about the world. Hence you need to improve their room and make a creative space for kid’s room. The reasons for this one are many, and the ways to do it are a lot as well.
There are some genius ideas which could be at any aid if you want to build a safe and educational creative kids room.

There is probably nothing like book experience for kids and for grownups. Probably the best human invention after the wheel this will help your toddlers to create their imagination. An imagination full of dreams and willing to try new things for your little ones. In order to have a creative space kid’s room you have to go back in time for a bit and figure out what is important and interesting for kids. Books are great, and no matter that some kids still cannot read you can always encourage them to try to learn or read them yourself- both things will be great. This will make a great start for your creative space for kids at home.

To use and attract the little ones’ attention you could use children’s book with a different purpose. For example- for a decoration of their own room. A wide and tall bookshelf could be handling the children’s books facing the room. This will create a good looking colorful pattern, which will absolutely attract the kids’ attention to them. Hence it will make them curious for that next book you want to read together.

“The writings on the wall”
It is very important to teach you kids to deal with some of the basic activities. And not only teach them about them, but to train them to do them by themselves. Such an activity is taking care of their personal things and especially get dressed. It is one of the main steps and pillars in building a creative kids room. Try to write down some basic stuff around the room.

For example you could name each part of the drawer of the little one with the names of the kind of clothes, stored in there. You could try to divide each drawer with the name of the weekdays. This way the toddler will know which t-shirt and socks are for which day of the week. That kind of labeling the drawers and storing baskets will teach them to be a little bit tidy and neat, though they are still kids of course and they tend to be a little bit messy (which is not such a bad thing after all).

Monsters under the bed? Guess not
The “under-the-bed” space is a topical one for the kids. Probably there is no kid that haven’t thought about the “monsters” underneath it. To build a creative space for your kid’s room you have to use all of the odds and use them properly with a purpose. The empty space could be filled with usable things for you little ones. Storage boxes could be arranged to store his/her stuff- coloring books, painting stuff, toys and other games. All of them could find their place underneath the bed and in the same time they can show children that there is actually nothing scary “in there”.

Think what’s reasonable and useful for building the creative kids room they need . Do not take the advantages of this part of the dwelling for storing other than kid’s stuff. If it is needed, rearrange some areas to make them useful for the little one. Empty spaces above or under the bed could become storage for toys, games, clothes or other items, necessary to build that creative kids room space. Walls could be painted in special paint, which allows kids to write on it, and later erase what has been drawn or written on.

Every item’s purpose is important
Even the table’s surface could be used for a reasonable purpose. Even the floor could be covered with a copy of a street map with prints of cars, buildings and directions, which the little one could use to learn about directions in the city. The surface of the table could become a place for the favorite board game or similar. After the transformation your toddler could play along with his toys, games.

Use every bit of space for necessary storage and ideas. If you are good at crafts and especially carpentering you could build simple cubic seats with a cushions over them. The hallow space in the seats could store books and toys. This way you will save space and will create usable space for the little ones. Gather toys and books there- whatever you like.
You could recycle old wooden crates and transform them into wall storage boxes. Hang them at a proper for the kid high. This way the little one could deal with the things by himself.

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