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Get rid of the cigarette smell at home

Few things could ruin the best home atmosphere at home. One of them is the awful cigarette smell. The origin of unwanted odors in the dwelling could be of any kind- burning the beef in the oven, frying too much in the kitchen, problems with the plumbing etc. Even if you do not smoke, there is always a time when some of your guests do. Yes, it’s a nasty habit, but, hey, no judging though. Here are some useful tips to get rid of the smoke smell from cigarettes at home.

There is no reason for you to get use with the cigarette smell at home. Even if you happen to be a smoker, there is nothing worse than clothes or interior soaked up in such a smell. So even if you let yourself or your gusts to smoke inside the premise you better know some facts and methods to get rid of the smoke leftover and unwanted odor. Not only because it is unpleasant, but also unhealthy. Especially when you have got some children around the house.

First steps
Getting rid of the smoke smell is not such a hard task to do. When you notice the unwanted odor, you should start with the easiest task you could think of. And that is refreshing the air in the premise. Start by cleaning the air, because fresh air is your best friend to deal with the smoke smell. Open as many windows you have. Open them in few different rooms, so this way you will create a air flow which will get rid of the smoke smell in no time. And while you are doing this you could put few small bowls, filled with white vinegar in each one of the rooms. This will make it easy to clean up the air in the dwelling.

Air purifiers can help as well. They actually can decrease the smoking smell, which takes a little more time. This device can help especially when someone in the room is allergic to such odors.

The hardware
No matter how much you refreshing the air, you should know that items like textile for example does soak up the smell of the cigarettes. So it happens that no matter how much you airing the space you live, if there is some smell soaked in the textiles- you must deal with the trouble in different manner.

Start with walls and ceiling
It sounds a tough one. And it is. Rubbing the smell of such plain and wide surfaces could be the thing that takes you a lot of physical energy, but still- you may have to do that in order to get rid of the cigarette smell in your home. You should know that along with the textiles, ceilings are the place where smoke leftovers retain the most.

Since you have started seriously in getting rid of the smoke smell, you have to consider using cleaning products, containing ammonia and glycol. Just have in mind that such products could be harsh and harmful for animals and children. So use them when they are out of the room. The second important thing is to test the solution somewhere on the wall and ceilings, so you could test the reaction to the paint. If the paint cannot sustain the chemical do not use it.

After cleaning with this one let that thing dry well. It’s better to do that with windows opened. If the smoking smell is away. You have “reached” your destination. If it happens that the smoke smell problem is still on, you should consider repainting the walls and later coated with a special sealant, which will prevent them from getting smelly again. You could get a good advice in the nearby paint store.

The textiles
As we mentioned above textile parts of a home could absorb most of the cigarette smoke smell. So you ought to think about that too.

Start with the carpets
These are responsible for retaining most of the additional smells in a dwelling. If you have got a carpet in your room and there is a distinctive unwanted smell, it is very probable that it is responsible for that one. So first try to clean it for by yourself first. Use a strong rug cleaner. The product should be spread well all across the carpet’s surface. Follow the instructions on the package of the cleaner for additional and safety reasons.

Vacuuming is the next step for the cleaning rug from cigarette smell. Then let it dry well enough. If it happens that the smoke smell could be still felt you will probably have to deal with professionals in carpet cleaning. Explain them what the problem with the carpet is and let them do their job properly.

Drapes and blinds
This are a tricky ones. Especially when they are made of a textile material which easily absorbs smells. If they are such, they will surely soak up the cigarette smell. To clean them, first you have to remove them from their places. The better thing to do here is to take the drapes to a dry cleaner, explaining what the problem is. The professionals will do their job. But if your drapes can be washed, why not doing it yourself. Just have in mind the type of textile they are made of course.

Natural cleansing
A cup of vinegar added into amount of water is a great cleaner for your drapes and will pull out the unwanted cigarette smell. After that you can put the drapes in the washing machine. Just have in mind that you must not let vinegar stay long on the surface of the drapes, because it might bleach them, so they could lose their original color and fade. If your blinds are made of non-fabric or non-wooden material, place them in the bathtub, fill it with hot water and a cup of vinegar. Let the blinds soak for about fifteen minutes. Treat them with a fine scrub brush. Hang them to dry well.

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