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Smart cleaning of windows

You probably wonder- smart cleaning your windows at least few times a month is a pain. Especially when you live in an urbanized area, there is always the big problem of the dusty windows. Face it- that is a problem which you have to deal with no matter what, because rain and wind simply do not work.

So, if you want to invite the sun in your place again you must follow some rules strictly. The methods are more than a few and in this article you will know how to do it the smart way.

The tools
You will need some preparation and “tools” to bring back the brightness in your home. Shiny windows will need a brush, specialized for cleaning windows. You can find it in the nearest specialized or department store. With this one you’ll become a professional. You will need also a medium to large bucket for the water, a sponge, and a squeegee as well.

If you are fed up with chemical solutions there are ways for smart cleaning your windows only with the help of natural products. Vinegar or lemon juice are one of the most powerful, yet natural ingredients for the best window-cleaning solutions.

The alternative hardware
Brown paper or simple newspaper will do miracles with stains and water dusty spots. Microfiber cloth and drying pad will help you finish the good work as well. All of these could be found in the nearest hardware store.

Removing dust
1. It’s a nasty one and probably it happens very often. Built-up dust is something which attacks the outside parts of your windows on a regular basis. To remove it properly, start by removing any curtains or blinds that can prevent you to deal with the problem easy. Use a dust pan brush or a broom to remove the hard stuff. This will work well for the corners, where dust and other unwanted stuff are especially hard to be removed.

2. With a well moisturized sponge start covering the whole area. If you want to, you could soap the water well for better and faster results. Move your hand in suitable motions – S-type movements, and in the same time regularly clean the cloth in clean water. Doing this you will prevent the dust to be transfer all around the glass. Strong window cleaning solutions cannot damage the glass part, but be careful with the surrounding area or paintwork if you tend to use such cleaning stuff.

3. If it has to leave it for a very while, then go on and remove any remaining water or cleaning solution. For this purpose use damp cloth. The microfiber one could do a great job with this task. If there is any remaining water, dry it with the cloth.

The perfect timing
You should know that it is way better to wash your windows on cloudy days. Yes, we know- direct sunlight makes it easier to see if there are any remained spots or dust. BUT- if you are planning to wash the outside part beware of rain, cause it might ruin your hour-work in an instant. So as we said- smart cleaning needs more thinking than doing.

It is best to clean your windows regularly. But if you do not have the needed time, you should do that at least two-three times per year. It‘s not just a number. If you do the things this way, you will notice there will be quite a difference.

Homemade cleaning solutions
It’s an easy one. Just add two-three tablespoons of vinegar to a small bucket of warm water and stir it. Another way to clean really dusty windows is by add two tablespoons of household ammonia or domestic borax into a gallon and rinse it with vinegar solution. After treating the windows with this magical mixture, dry with a dry cloth.

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