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The Best Gardening Tools [Infographic]

What makes you a good gardener? The presence of a garden, of course! The will to garden- sure.

But most of all you will need the right and the best gardening tools to handle your garden properly. Because you cannot dig a whole to plant a tree only with the help of jedi-like will.

You will need a tool to dig the hole with. So if you happen to have a garden and you would like to keep it good-looking, this one is for you.

The tools and the heavy duty

You need to face it – there will be sweat, there will be blood and there will be a lot of effort to make your garden just like from a fairy tale. So consider the size of your future gardening tools. Consider their weight based on what you could handle.

When choosing a shovel, consider your height and then decide how long do you want it to be. If the handle is too long or too heavy, it will not be comfortable at all.

A D-shaped handle will make your outside yard working more easily. Especially for the short shafted tools and digging “devices”. It will be easier to the wrist and you will handle the work as a piece of cake.

The harder – the better

As much hard the material of the tools is- the better. Go for metal coated or wood handles for the gardening “utilities”.

Specialist will ensure you that “single forged,” “solid socket,” “carbon steel,” “stainless steel,” “tempered,” and “epoxy coated” are all indicators of well-made tools. And this will be true of course.

In the mean time tubular-steel or fiber-glass handles for such tools are quite too heavy. They will be also a bit more expensive for use by anyone but professional landscapers.

Storing, storing, storing

A lot of time we have talked about storing utensils properly. No matter that you are not in the kitchen, storing of gardening tools Is as much important as any others. Long-handled tools must be hung neatly.

This will protect them from ruining and dulling their kind of sharp edges. The so-called short handled tools could be stored in a garden bag.

This will help you to bring them here and there, when you have to work on distant parts of your garden. You could even travel with them.

Hand rake

Hand Rake picture - Gardening Tools by Home-Blogger.com

It serves you for picking up leaves and similar stuff in the garden.

They will remove gently any unwanted debris form here and there.

Hand rakes would help you uncover the important plants, without damaging their upper parts or the roots.

Water breaker

Yes, it’s for breaking the water from flowing.

More or less. It is actually for gentle irritating new plantings. You can also soak already established ones.

Garden knives

They are necessary just like the common kitchen knives. Some of them can do up to four to five jobs. And they do it very well.

Such a knife could serve you instead of a trowel for digging, planting and why not weeding.

The part of the knife with saw blade can cut off roots and can also divide small perennials. The pointed end is perfect for a crevice tool.


Use them for trimming the grass around. Especially the grass around tree trunks and shrubs.

It is very suitable for opening the stone pavements and paths, clearing the unwanted grass easy-peasy.

The good-old scissors

They are so fun and so great for removing dead plants, flowers and weeds. They could cut off in an instant soft-stemmed plants, herbs as well.

You can prune small plants, snipping twine and why not thinning perennials.

Hand pruner

Unwanted branches could make your garden view less beautiful than you would like it to be. Branches with ¾-inch thickness could go away easily with this garden tools.

You could also cut down clumps of perennials, larger flowers, and also score and slice root balls before planting something new in the garden.

Masters of the weeds

A hand weeder is a must-have for every beginner in the garden. They have thin but sharp blade which van remove easily shallow-rooted weeds.

Most of the models have long handle, which will help you reaching far and cutting off unwanted plants and weeds.

The pruner again

There is a long-handled pruner which will serve you so well, that you will not even bother to leave it aside while working in the garden. It could cut off branches more than ¾-inch thick.

This will be very suitable for the shorter among us, cause it makes your ability to reach far above your head easier than ever. This basically puts in among the best gardening tools.

Shovel – number one in the best gardening tools

First consider the one with a round head. It could help you dig holes, where you could plant whole tree. This kind of shovel is perfect for all gardeners, no matter if they are beginners or professionals.

The holes they can make are also suitable for shrubs, and moving loose materials, such as soil, gravel pieces, sand and different kinds of compost. Basically it’s like a Spartan weapon.

Transplant spade

Well it’s a spade. But with it you could dig holes in confined areas of a densely planted bed.

This one is hardcore as well.

Leaf rake

Raking the leaves could not be easier than this.

Use it for twigs, grass lipping, and other light debris from lawns.

The Bow rake

Use it for leveling soil, before planting the things you have decided.

It can be used also for spreading mulch, gravel, sand, and compost. This tool will help you in removing heavy debris of the areas where you are planning to plant.

Digging fork

Literally – it’s a fork. But a massive one, which you cannot use in the kitchen.

It can be used for turning and cultivating unbroken soil. It also suitable for mixing amendments into soil, breaking up clods, and lifting bulbs and for transplanting and dividing.

What about protection?

Almost forgot about this one, didn’t you?

Yes, while working in the yard garden you will need some protection for your hands.

Especially if you are not used to this kind of hard work. Protecting your hands from injuries is an important one here.

Garden gloves are as essential and a must-have tool as the shovel or the good-old rake. It may seem extravagant, but it is not. Owning at least three pairs will not hurt anybody. It will make a multitude of tasks easier.

There are plenty of models, and they protect you from different type of work in the garden. No unwanted cuts, no bruises. You will be absolutely invincible.

The best gardening tools Infographic

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