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Best ideas for storing shoes properly

Seasons change and along with them we often change types of shoes. That means there has to be a place where all of them go in a deserved relaxation. Boots, high heels, shoes, sneakers and trainers – they all need a proper place to be stored. But the lack of space or pre-provided area for storing shoes could make you want to throw them all out in the yard and cover them with piece of plastic bag.

Sorry but no. Storing shoes need their proper place because otherwise they won’t be around when the next season comes.

Here are some useful ideas for storing shoes the proper ways.

Preparation for storing shoes

First you have to prepare the shoes for storing. They will probably have some dust and dirt on them, so go on and fix that with a damp or dry cloth – it depends on the type of surface and material of the shoes.

Leather shoes should be cleaned by brushing the dirt off. Do this with soft brush, which won’t be able to scratch the surface.

Canvas shoes are easy to clean with soapy water, if there are any stains. The same type of cleaning is appropriate for shoes with plastic surface.

Next step

Shoes are different, because they are purposed for different time of the year. So store your shoes by season. If you have the feeling that all kinds of shoes could be stored at one place, you are wrong. Putting them in one big pile won’t be OK for sure. The reason is simple – organization! Smart storing leads to smart organizing. Hence you find your shoes a lot easier when the next season comes along.

Here’s how you do it:

Divide the shoes to groups – depending on exterior features and combination with other clothes;

Store winter boots and shoes at one place;

Flip flops, sandals and other shoes, proper for summer must have their own storage place as well;

Sneakers and trainers too.

The location for storing shoes

Find a good, dark, and temperature-controlled place for the storing of boots. Exposing shoes to sunlight too much is not a good idea. This way they could be damaged and their quality ruined. They should not be into a wet or hot place, cause these condition are absolutely dangerous for them.

A good idea if you do not have enough space in the closet is to store them under your bed.

Many people think that storing shoes in the basement or up in the attic is a “why-not” idea. No, that is always wrong. Storing shoes in your basement, attic or garage is a risky, because of the temperature differences between summer and winter in these temperature – uncontrolled places. This can effect on the quality of the fibers of the shoes.

Putting them away

Before you put them in a box and away, arrange some acid-free paper and stuff them with it. This is good to be done, especially when you store your shoes for more than a month. Stuffing the shoes with paper will help them to keep their shape. This way they will be the same comfortable and easy to wear shoes as they were last season.

If you ain’t got such a paper, pieces of toilet paper will do great work.

Shoe trees are a good way to keep your expensive leather shoes fresh during the summer storing. You could find those in every shoe store.

Where to put them

There should be a proper place for each and every pair of shoe depending on their kind as we already explained.

One way is to have a special designated mat for each pair. Few shelves will do a great work as well in the storing shoes process.

Use a shoe rack if you have the opportunity and need for that. You could improvise and use an old ladder for that purpose. Placing the ladder sideways on your wall will create the effect of a rack and will be able to store lots of your favorite shoes.

Special shoe bags are one of the best ways for proper storing. After you put them in the bag you could hang them in the proper place, having in mind the conditions we mentioned above.

If you still keep some their boxes, put them back in there. There are also plenty of plastic or wooden containers with the appropriate size for this purpose.

Keeping the shoes “fresh” could happen by putting some silica gel in them just before storing.

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