storing utensils

How to store your utensils the right way

The simple and useful kitchen is often comfortable and practical. But no matter if your kitchen is small or big enough to store everything you need in the cooking process, you must keep it maintained in the right way. The right way means you do not scatter around dishes and any other type of utensils. And since you do not need that kind of mess in your place, you must be prepared for that.
It all depends on how you store your kitchen utensils. Cause there are a lot of them, we guess.
Proper storing means good atmosphere in the whole kitchen. It has to be not only reasonable but also wise, having in mind the quantity of utensils a normal kitchen has to use for the daily routine.

Here are some nice hacks and ideas how to deal with storing and maintaining the utensils in your kitchen.

Think about the devices which are light enough and suitable to be lifted on higher level. Some micro wave ovens and kitchen robots are suitable for this task. This way they will not be an obstacle in your kitchen routine and in the same time they will be around you in case you need them.  When you hang utensils with the help of S-hooks, you will keep them within arm’s reach while also will be able to cook. This convenient and practical way of storing your personal kitchen items also provides a place for decorative elements and unique utensils if you have the will to include them in your interior.

Compartments in the drawers
Always keep your kitchen drawers absolutely tidy and need. You should do this one, because sometimes when all the things in the drawer are upside down, the practical storage pption goes away, cause of the mess inside. So do your best and try to keep your drawers organized and your kitchen utensils in place by installing wooden pegs within your deep kitchen drawers. Pegs allow you to section off parts of the drawer for certain utensils and prevent them from sliding around as the drawer opens and closes. Also the noise is little bit lesser than the average. A pegboard at the bottom of the drawer allows you to rearrange the pegs to create different compartments. Baskets and sectioned containers within the drawer are great ways to keep hand towels and silverware in place.

Knife is probably one of the most used item of the utensil section in every kitchen. But to have a proper knife you need to know not only how to use it, but to know how to store it properly, cause this will save its life. There are a variety of inserts you can add to kitchen drawers. And speaking about drawers, there are such, which are outfitted with a wood knife block, which keeps knives organized, visible, and safely stored. If you have enough space in the drawer remember that a two-level insert provides space for all sizes, from small paring knives to large butcher knives

Hanging it up
If there are such items in your kitchen which you can allow yourself to hang somewhere around, do not hesitate. You can keep cooking utensils within reach by adding a stainless-steel bar above the stove top. Over-the-range storage frees up space throughout the kitchen and keeps frequently used utensils easily accessible. Another good idea is the hanging metal ledge. It is compatible to almost every part of the dwelling. It also provides space for small utensils, such as measuring spoons.

Important space
When you have a small kitchen, then you know that every centimeter counts indeed. So think of some organizers, that can be attached to a wall and save you some valuable space around.

Storage bins and cases
Inset storage bins for some of the utensils in your kitchen. You can adjust them into the kitchen countertop, and this way it will be quite easy to fetch something for the preparation of a different meal. utensils storing
For such bins you could use some old items, which are out of use with their old purpose but still can be practical in the kitchen. For example you could use some old vintage vase for the storage bin for your larger utensils. You can try and match with the kitchen color, and using it will be rather easy and accessible for you to just reach and get whatever utensil you need.

Use transparent utensil-holders. You can use old glass jars. It is a great way to contribute to the design of many kitchens. These glass jars will provoke a minimalistic feeling, when combined with the other distinctive parts of the interior.  For example when you store dry baking goods, like sugar or flour, in glass jars, it only seems natural to store your baking utensils right nearby. It becomes simultaneously beautiful. Glass jars are a simple, yet timeless storage option and help keep all of your baking supplies in one convenient location. You could try to put some candies and bars inside, and this will give an interesting pop-culture look to your kitchen.

utensils storingHide and seek
We talked about hanging some of your kitchen utensils and using the walls of the premise. But another similar way to store the numerous items is to use the cabinet’s doors for the purpose. They will have exactly the same role as the walls of a room and can store an impressive amount of utensils. For the purpose just install wooden rods into a shallow cabinet to make an easy spot to hang utensils. Similar to the over-the-range option, simply use S hooks to hang utensils from the rod. This option is more hidden, yet conveniently located.

Transforming organizers
When choosing yourself an organizer think of such which can rearrange the stuff in the drawer. Convertible drawer organizers are the perfect way to store utensils if you make changes in your kitchen more than often. The most important thing is to choose an organizer which is suitable for the drawer you are preparing to use.