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Great big ideas for the small patio improvement

There is a way with which small places could become even more practical and cozy. A patio is an area for many purposes, most of them for leisure. That’s a place where one could catch a breath and spend some quality time for work and games. That’s why we prepared some of the best ideas for maximizing the small amount of space and deal with some patio improvement.

DIY bench for patio improvement

No matter how small or big your patio is, there is always the need of a place to sit comfortably. Since most of the department stores sell ordinary sized benches and chairs, you could roll up the sleeves and make yourself a new one from pallets. This is how you could manage with the small amount of space and make your own bench suitable for the space you can provide for it.


No matter what type of furniture you’ve got out in the patio, there is always the need of a good look. Often good look comes with good paint. Use colors that are appropriate for the whole set of the patio. Bright colors are probably best, cause they seem to feel energizing and in the same time the could hide away any unwanted defects on the furniture.

The natural way

It is always better to use the gifts that nature has given us. If your backyard is mostly grass, do not go much further and put concrete over all of it. Just take care of it and trim it once in a while, so it would have a good simple look. Add some stone plates for a path and some stones for a fence. You could use this natural material even for furniture. Just add some wide wooden planks over two piles of stone and there you go – a natural – looking table for the patio.

Go with the sizes

If it happens that your garden’s patio is narrow by size, have this in mind when preparing the furniture for there. If the place is narrow and long, order or make yourself such table and few benches. This is how all of your space will be used properly with no mistakes.

Box tree

Planting some box trees around is a great patio improvementidea. It is a great plant, which grows a bit slowly but in few years you could have a distinctive garden atmosphere for your open patio. Green also calms the spirits and creates a great nature – like environment.

Light during the night

Everybody will enjoy a nice evening outside at the patio. Couple of friends, some nice and simple dining and wine … this is a good atmosphere that could be improved only by a good midnight light – ideas.

Try candles, try bonfire if there is enough place. You could bring electricity by a simple wire, where some lamps could be adjusted. Because we know that atmosphere is important and lights themselves have the power to improve that patio area their own way.

Water for patio improvement

The sound of water is always calming when walking among nature. Nevertheless if you happen to live in a more urbanized area, you could provide your patio with a water sink. If you happen to have a yard fountain, great. But if you don’t you will probably need a professional for the job.

So have this in mind. It will be a bit costly and time – consuming, but in the same time it will leave a splendid effect on the whole garden – patio combination.

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