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How to choose the best pets for apartment


Having a pet around at your place is always quite of a fun. Dogs, cats and all king of strangely-looking small animals could improve the home atmosphere and bring joyful moments to the family. Nevertheless there are some rules which need to be concerned before considering a pet at home. If you live in a house with a yard, it is quite easier for bigger pets like dogs for example. But if your dwelling is an apartment with less space some struggles come around which could prevent the joy and bring out some difficulties. Here are some of the best pets for apartment.

The rules of engagement
Even if you are OK with having bigger pets for apartment, your neighbors might not be. So first of all, consider that with them, At least for the noise’ sake. If they are OK with that, then everything’s fine. But if they are not- then you have a dilemma. Nevertheless there are quite a lot “pet-friendly” buildings, which if you decide could move in to. Especially if you are such a pet lover.

The pet options
Let’s deal with cats and dogs first. There are more common pets to live with people most of the time.

When it comes to best pets for apartment, cats are like the cushions on the sofa. Sometimes unrecognizable among the other furniture those little furry fellow seem to create the coolest home atmosphere. They are the ultimate home pet and also are kinda suitable to apartments, no matter how small they are. Millions of them live in houses and in apartments. They take care of themselves they groom themselves, they do not care much what is going around them. At least when they sleep about 15 hours a day. And most of all you do not need to wake up early to walk them around the block. As we said- the ultimate home pet!

The other best thing
There is something about these little buddies- they are that they are absolutely suitable for small apartments, because they can sleep basically everywhere, even on higher objects in the dwelling.
Some of the cats are considered to be anti-social though. But on the other hand some are born to be social creatures like their owners and could be a good and pleasant company for rainy days or home play-time with the kids. The kinds of cat are a lot, so you can choose among hundreds of breeds.

Probably among the best pets for apartment living. If you are more of a “dog-person”, rather than a “cat-person”, there is an enormous choice out there. Thousands of breeds for your consideration. Since you live in a small apartment though you should probably consider some smaller breed. Such are Pug, King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua, Boston and Yorkshire terrier etc. Some of these breeds are even smaller than a cat in its mature years and could fix very well in your apartment.  If you happen to be a forever fan of the larger breeds, you probably know that many of them are alright with living in small places.

The most important thing though is for you to ensure they go for a walk at least two times a day. Just take a little more attention to them, cause some of the little pups and bigger dogs like to “eat” parts of the furniture or other stuff, which often tend to be lot precious to you. Consider the noise as well, cause some of the breeds are quite noisy when they are alone or being more excited.

Yard options
Since you do not have a yard, consider a park nearby your home. It will be more easier for you and for the dog to appreciate the life in the city. A walk in the park could improve your dog’s physics and learn it to communicate with other animals as well.

The “weird” stuff
We call them weird because most of the people find it so. Reptiles are basically rare among people who live in apartment. When it comes to them there are pretty much scary for most of us. Snakes and everything else that can be called reptile are very scary for some people. Even though they are highly appreciated home pets for others. They are exotic, they are quite, and they do not make distinct noises, which could give you and your neighbors a hard time.

Most of these suitable for home animals could be left alone for longer periods. Though they often need good temperature and light for a fine living.

The more “sweet” turtles, tortoises and small lizards (chameleons for example) are also very quiet, they are pretty social with other people and less intimidating than snakes. They will surely create a more “exotic” atmosphere at your place.

The more quiet of them all
Fish! They are so quiet, that sometimes you could forget they are somewhere around in the aquarium. Watching the fish swim around in the water of your aquarium at home seem very calming and soothing for the soul. This is approved even by specialist with the human health. Specialists also say that patients with Alzheimer’s who watch the fish in the aquariums have improved their appetites, and required less medication as well.

Consider this
Nevertheless there are some things to be considered before you get yourself a fish for a pet. Consider the size of the aquarium according to the size of the fish you want to buy. Every specialist in a pet store could give you the right advice. You should provide also plug in filter, heater and other necessary items for the well-being of the fish. Add some plants in the water or decorative pieces of coral if you like. You will have to check the pH regularly and be careful about the different chemical ingredients in the water. And speaking about the water- it has to be changed regularly, because sometimes while feeding the fish, there will be quite a mess.

Some birds could be seen more at home than in nature. Some of the parrots are such. But domesticated birds could be a tricky one. All of them seem beautiful, but like most of the beautiful things in life they come with a “surprise”- they are quite noisy! Or at least some of them. Finch, parakeet, lovebird or conure. Since birds are noisy to some degree, being friendly with your neighbors can help. And no matter how much you hate that, the responsibility for the noise is actually yours, and not the birds’.


Parrots and macaws are really intelligent and could be absolutely funny, which is basic for being best pets for apartment. But they will need constant interaction with an experienced bird family sometimes. Bigger birds usually are costly, noisy, and need more sophisticated care, but they can be part of your family for about 50+ years- now that’s a thing, isn’t it!

On the other hand the upkeep of small birds, is actually fairly inexpensive. You will nead steady cage an d a handful of toys and activities needed to keep them busy. Do not forget that the enclosures depend on the size of the bird and the space you could afford for that in your dwelling.

The smaller “things” in your home life
They call them “pocket pets”. And there is a reason for that. Most of them are considered to be quite exotic. They are the so called “new wave” among pet lovers. Most of these fellows are actually squeezable into a pocket-sized places and are quite best pets for apartment.

Here are some of the proud members of the “pocket pet” family: Sugar Gliders, pygmy hedgehogs- at least they are our favorite ones. But it is highly important for you to know that some of these pets are nocturnal and may not suit with your daily and midnight routine.  You should also consider that some of the pocket pets are forbidden to own in some countries. That is why before making a decision, make your checking.

Rats? Why not?
They should be also called fancy and concerning some people, they are among the best pets for apartment. Hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice and other breeds of rats are very common as pets in many households. They are suited for apartment living not because of their minimalistic size. Their enclosures could be small and cheap, but do not forget to keep them clean. Such animals will appreciate some play-time with the family. So … why not?
Most of the rodents do not have something in mind to be handled in hands and they do enjoy a nice cuddling with the family. Since some of them will show high level of intelligence (rats for example) you could teach them some tricks.

Ferrets and rabbits
We do prefer rabbits, but ferrets are a common pet as well. They have to be pet in enclosures, and need attention. The other way is to “rabbit=proof” or “ferret-proof” a room in your house, where the little creatures could walk along.
Playtime is quite a necessary thing with these little fellows. But this play-time needs to be supervised by you for sure.

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