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5 Ideas for a Comfortable Guest Room

We all spend plenty of time to remodel our kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms, yet we often neglect our guest rooms. However, if you plan to have some guests within the next months, read below some great ideas for remodeling your guest room and turning it into a welcoming and comfortable part of your home.

# 1 Be wise with the colors more comfortable

Once you decide which main colors you are to choose for the guest room, you should also coordinate those colors with the sheets, the curtains, the comforters. The chairs and the pillows. If you remodel your guest room with the colors from a unified scheme, the premise will look more elegant and comfortable and your guests will feel special.

# 2 Revitalize the floors & walls of the spare room

Examine closely the condition of the flooring and walls. Do they need new paint or new wallpapers? Painting is the most inexpensive and easy way for remodeling and can instantly provide a fresh, highly appreciated atmosphere. The warm and neutral colors and relaxing and inviting, so try to stick to them if that is the aim.

Then check the flooring and its condition. Does it need new carpeting or you can just use the services of a carpet cleaning company? With the proper carpet or a rug, the room will look warmer and much more comfortable for your guests.

# 3 Think about a guest bathroom

If the bathroom is far from the guest room or just one for the entire property, thing of adding an additional bathroom, if that is structurally possible. Adding another bathroom means a larger budget, but your guests and you eventually will be happy. Installing a private bath in the spare room will also be appreciated and will make life with guests easier.

# 4 Increase the storage area

If possible, arrange plenty of shelves and a large wardrobe in the guest room. The storage space is important for the clothing and personal belongings, so make some space for your guests. You might also wish to add fresh towels and some extra toiletries in the bathroom drawers as well.

# 5 Add some finishing touches

The details always make a serious difference, thus adding an alarm clock, a small radio, a reading lamp or some fresh flowers, as well as a few books and recent magazines will be highly appreciated by your guests.

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