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Remove the TV set from the bedroom

It sure doesn’t sound like an attractive idea to remove the TV set from your bedroom, but most scientists guarantee that you will rest and sleep much better if you do it. You would say the TV just help you relax but the true is different. In fact, the regular watching of TV before sleep have a rather negative than a positive effect as it stimulates your brain and senses.

If you still think you will never remove the TV set from the bedroom, you have to know also that the watching of TV in the bed may have also a bad impact on the relationship between you and your partner. Probably you know what I mean. You just have to use the bedroom for sleeping and to enjoy the precious intimate moments with your partner.

Instead of watching series and TV shows, you could rather pay some additional attention to your partner or just to have some high quality sleep. Both alternatives are equally good and are part of the real life. If you still want to watch reality shows and movies, you can do it in another room, for example in the living room.

A bedroom without a TV set may sounds a bit scary initially, but very soon you will realise that is looks much more comfortable and welcoming. Some scientists say this is the main reason for poor sleep quality many people suffer from.

If want to do something else in the bedroom, there are other alternatives as well. You can read an interesting book. This is a much better way to relax before sleep, and it guarantees you will fall asleep much faster. In addition your sleep will be much calmer.

And finally, if you remove the TV set from the bedroom, you will feel very strong positive impact on your psychological health and cardiovascular system.

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