Top 10 Best foods for beautiful skin

Top 10 Best foods for beautiful skin

Almost every woman is crazy about beauty. Every day you see, no matter in the Internet or in some magazine, thousands of tips on how to achieve a better appearance, to shape your body or make your skin shiny. But the common of all these tips is that all of them try to learn you how to treat your skin from the outside.

In reality, however, much more important is what you are used to eat. Your food is the best cosmetics, because it is acting from inside. If you want to achieve a healthy, fresh and attractive appearance, here are some foods that will help you more than any cream or facial mask.


Consumed regularly, pears will make your hair and nails shining. In addition, the tasty fruit offers numerous benefits for your eyes and teeth, and only apples can compete with it.

2. Olives

Olives are considered to be the best natural cosmetic product, which must appear in the menu of every woman. The consumption of olives will add a nice shine and color to your skin.

3. Carrots

Consumed every day, carrots and carrot juice will give your skin a gentle orange nuance, which, experts say, makes the skin look healthy and sexy. Carrots are also extremely beneficial for your eyes and vision.

4. Oats

Oats contain substances that will make your skin looks fresh and clean, especially if you consume them every day. It is recommended to choose the most natural products on the market.

5. Kiwi

If you try to consume the fruit on a daily basis, kiwi can break down into small pieces the effect even of the best face creams. Regular consumption of the small green fruit with a pleasant tartness will make your skin much more elastic and shiny, and you will look younger by several years.

6. Green tea

The regular consumption of green tea will make your skin more beautiful. The drink will help you flush toxins from your cells, and in turn the result will be noticeable.

7. Oranges

Consumed daily, oranges will load your body with large amounts of vitamin C, which in turn will bring back the visible brilliance and elasticity of your skin. If you try to eat the delicious citrus fruit every day, the result will be stunning.

8. Tomatoes.

Tomatoes are one of the most nutritious vegetables, but its cosmetic properties are legendary. Daily consumption of tomatoes will make you look younger than you really are, and your skin will get a nice shining tan.

9. Honey.

It is a fact that the bee product contains almost the entire periodic table and is extremely rich in nutrients. Regular consumption of honey in small quantities will strengthen and rejuvenate your body, and the visible effect will come very soon.

10. Avocado.

If you regularly eat salads with avocado, the vegetable will help your skin maintain a good water balance, which is a must if you want to have a nice skin. In addition, avocados contain a lot of good fats which, like olives, retain elasticity and slow down aging.