Home design for kids in mind

Home Design With Kids in Mind

If you plan to relocate and you are wondering whether to buy a resale property or a new house, maybe you should go for a new home especially if you consider to have kids. In this way you will have your saying and can plan a home design that is not only family-friendly, but also kids-friendly. After all you want your kids to grow up in comfort but at the same time not to ruin the house, right?

The parents today are not that freaked out like the parents before them about the sticky fingers on the furniture and that is thanks to the new textile design. Yet, there are still many things to be considered in regards to the rest of the home and its comfort for all the members of the family. The average kid today owns hundreds of toys and half a dozen of tech gadgets. So the question is where should all that staff be stored?

And here comes one of the main advantages of building your home from scratch – you can consider many family- and kids-friendly features right in the original design of your home. So, which are the main things that you have to keep in mind when looking for a new home and planning to have children?

Kids can be noisy

The kids usually turn up the volume on music, watch television series loud, and play loud the video games they have. Kids also sing a lot, dance a lot and talk a lot. That is ok, kids love the entertaining, yet sometimes you will need a quiet house to make an important phone call or just to hear your own thoughts.

For such cases the architects are now designing flexible rooms which are placed next to the living room and which could be used as studies or play rooms. Such premises require a lot of space and storage for books and toys and need to be connected to the main lounge area with doors. Once the kids grow older, you can turn that space into a study room.

Eating is important for the kids

Kids and their friends usually eat a lot and thus you will need a nicely organized kitchen with comfortable and large dining area. You will need a breakfast zone, a zone for the preparation of the food and plenty of lower cabinets where the kids can reach the snacks that are appropriate for their age.

Kids adore the outside play area

Family homes would not be complete without an outside play area. Kids love to spend time in nature, surrounded by greenery. And you as a parent will totally adore and fully appreciate the safe outside environment. So, get a house with a garden, install a swing set and a slide, place a basketball court and if there is enough room, get a pool. You should also plan a storage area for the bikes and the sports equipment of the kids.

Kids make mess

Kids play outside and could be very messy, thus planning a laundry room with a mudroom is needed – if possible next to it and that – close to the main entrance and near the garage. In this way the dirty clothes can be tossed in the laundry zone immediately after the kids enter the house.

Kids usually want pets

Kids adore pets, so face it – you will have either a dog, or a cat, or at least fish. The pets do need come considerations and you should decide whether they will be in the house or outside. You should also think about special bath, sleep and dining area of the pet. This could be in or close to the laundry room too.

Think about all those things in order to make your home friendly in the years to come for kids, for the entire family and for the pets.