War at home - men vs. women

Our Home and the War Between the Sexes

The situation on the home front can get quite heated when a couple tries to choose and then finish their new home. That is so as women and men want different things when their home is concerned. People are drawn by their personal preference mainly, but also by motivation based on their gender. It seems that there are certain things that appeal more often to men and others that appeal to women, and the other way round.

Women and what they want from the family home

When looking for a home, women usually search for inspiration and they want the layout to answer to their lifestyle and make their everyday routine easier. In most of the cases, women are looking for open-plan layouts and sophisticated interior, easy to operate on kitchen, comfortable and well-sized bedrooms, nicely organized bathrooms and enough storage area.

As a rule, women prefer features that require low maintenance, which are functional and also appealing. They are looking for homes that that look nice and that are part of good neighborhoods with many community amenities.

Men and what they want from the family home

Men are usually looking for family homes that are close to their work or the places they visit often – a football stadium, a bar, a club. It is very important for men to have enough space and to get a comfortable lounge area in front of the TV where they can watch sports or meet with friends. Men often need a study room in the house and also a garage.

The results

Men do insist on the things that are important for them in their home, but the women are usually the ones that take most of the decisions when the property purchase is concerned. Women are focused in the larger space, compared to men who are focused on the location Both women and men would prefer their new home to be close to their work and insist on the good transport connections and high-speed internet. Another priority for the women is the private outdoor area, while men want proximity to green spaces.

In other words, women are more concerned about the space within the home and the men are interested in what they can do outside their home. Those couples that are under the age of forty usually insist on a large garden and separate bedrooms for each member of the family. Those people who are above the age of 55 insist on downstairs bedroom and lavatory, as well as a parking space in front of the house.