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Fold up your clothes like a pro

Laundry room is a luxury which is rarely established in most of the dwellings. If you are from the ones with less space and with such “spoiling” opportunities this one is for you.

We will start with the basic stuff- T-shirts
When folding and storing a t-shirt we rarely think of the best way to do that procedure the proper way. Instead of putting them one over other, try to store them vertically in your drawer. This way they will be partially enough visible and every time you would like to choose the best one for you it will be so much more easily to go through that activity. This way there will be enough place in your drawer for any other items or extra t-shirts you want to store in there.

If you could provide yourself with a large, flat surface, it will make folding seem less like work while making your clothes neat. An ironing board surface will work in a pinch, as it’s the perfect height.

Put the two socks together and start rolling them up. This way you will make a roll, then in the end push the end of the one sock into the hole of the other. That will make a small ball-like roll, which will save you space. Another way is to lay two single socks flat, one on top of the other, and simply fold them in half. This way they will not lose their elasticity.
Panty hose and stockings
These are best rolled from the feet toward the waistband and folded over the opening to keep them from unraveling.

Underwear is soft and small in size but in the same time very important to be stored properly. After you manage to fold the pieces of this garment, try to put them in additional organizers or small boxes in your drawer. That will leave enough space for other bigger clothes in there.

It might feel like overkill, but this super condensed way of folding jeans allows you to store them horizontally and pack more pants into each drawer. Put the two trouser legs together, then fold them but the middle, then again and one more time the same way.

It is probably best to fold all kinds of towels and napkins lengthwise into thirds and then folded in half, twice. The effect will be splendid and that way the rounded edge faces out without being bulkier than the middle.

Linens and their storing is also a tough one, but there are ways to improve this one. In a set (fitted and flat sheet with the matching pillowcases) or like with like (all of the pillowcases stacked together, for example).

You should empty all there is in the purse for instance. Then when all its contents are out know that left inside crumbs can attract bugs, pens can leak and batteries might corrode, making the inside of the purse or bag absolutely mess. Not to mention the extra weight of a purse might wear out a handle when it’s hung.

Folding is commonly connected with storing the clothes and acessories. That‘s why it is of great importance to look for additional unused spaces in your rooms. Try to figure out what is the best way to fold the clothes and store them in drawers or other kinds of compartments, suitable for the task.

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