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The Benefits of Pharma Eco-Friendly Packaging

Lately, companies around the world gathered their forces and focus on setting sustainable goals. Many industries found the meaning of starting more eco-friendly strategies not only because of the business but also because of the environment.

The positive impact on nature become a main mission for the pharma industry as well. Many manufacturers try to find solutions on how to perform their sustainable goals in the next few years. The main changes that most of them start performing are related to the packaging of the products.

The pharma industry is one of the main sources of a carbon footprint because of the high plastic usage. This is what made the leader in this area think is time for changes. There are many investments in developing more eco-friendly packaging and pharma boxes.

Why pharma industry put focus on packaging? And what are the benefits for the business? You can find answers to these questions in the following paragraphs.

At the end of the text, you will find information what are the main factors to consider when you choose a pharma packaging provider. Moreover, we found a great company that can become your partner.

What are the benefits for the pharma industry

Any decision for change is driven by expected benefits. This applies with full force to changes in the packaging of medicines and cosmetics.

Creating a more sustainable business means achieving many benefits. This is not a secret because governments around the world offer tax compensations and other benefits for businesses that go follow sustainability standards.

Let’s have a look at the main advantages of the pharma industry from applying sustainable practices:

Decreasing the waste bills

Using sustainable packaging cut the production cycle and reduces the cost of waste. This also decreases the use of raw materials which are usually the cause of big waste bills. This makes the business “green” which brings fewer waste charges from the government.

Better brand reputation

The reputation of eco-friendly brands is higher compared to those that don’t set sustainable vision. This is not a surprise, because customers easily trust brands with the same values. This is very crucial for the pharma industry. The best way for a pharma company to go greener is by using eco-friendly box packaging.

Competitive advantage

As we mention, customers trust brands that follow sustainability programs. Still, they are not many companies that focus on their sustainable goals. The ones that do so have a competitive advantage and are more likely to increase their revenue.

On the other hand, pharma manufacturers that use eco packaging and designs are more recognizable by the customers.

Tax incentives and benefits

Governments use tax benefits and incentives to encourage applying more sustainable practices in business. The pharma companies that use more eco-friendly packaging are more likely to achieve the requirement for sustainability and get tax benefits. Businesses can get tax incentives if they apply practices like reusing, composting, or recycling waste.

Lower production costs

The costs for pharma packaging from eco materials are way lower that the costs of producing a plastic box. The best is that the sustainable materials are reusable and easy to recycle. This will reduce production costs without affecting the quality of the packaging.

Reduction of the utility bills

Producing eco-friendly pharma packaging will reduce the costs of water and energy. Sustainable materials are processed much faster and easier. This implies less use of water, electricity, and other consumables.

Businesses that apply sustainable practices could achieve these benefits but the main focus should always stay on the positive environmental impact.

What are the sustainable materials used in the pharma packaging

After we point out the most important benefits of using sustainable box packaging in the pharma industry we will focus on the best materials.

Using sustainable materials is the best way to create eco-friendly pharma packaging. Some of the most popular materials are:

Post-consumer regrinds

This is plastic material that can be reused and recycled. This is a good alternative of basic plastic packaging and also saves energy.

Biodegradable products

This is compostable material that is also used as a sustainable alternative to plastic boxes. Biodegradable material is durable and performs the same features as plastic, but it degrades faster.

Polylactic acid

This material is made from natural resources including corn starch. Polylactic acid is a renewable compostable polymer that is still developing as a sustainable material.

Where you can order pharma eco-friendly packaging

There are many providers of eco-friendly pharma packaging. We decide to make research the main factors when you choose a packaging company. Follow these criteria and you will find the best services:

  • Fully-recycled materials;
  • Biodegradable packaging;
  • Non-harmful materials and toxins;
  • Naturally or industrial compostable;
  • Durability and cost-efficiency;
  • Carbon natural;
  • Interesting packaging ideas;
  • Variety of packaging designs;

ThePackLion.com provides all of these important factors. Have a look at their website to make sure they’re the best choice of your business partner.

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