laundry organizing

Splendid ways to organize your laundry area

Since you live in the big city you probably do not the magical luxury of having your own laundry room there are difficulties which others with a room for this purpose will not understand at all. But even if you have got the slightest hint of a laundry room, no matter how tiny it could be you are from the lucky ones. Even then you suffer the consequences of the happening called small space for your laundry, because as we know sometimes things does not work out that good and leave you with some small and “sweet” problems to solve, which you simply have to do. So having a small laundry room is quite better than having NO laundry room at all. But, hey, just because you have a tiny laundry room, that doesn’t mean you need to give up. You must stand up and start on figuring out some smart storage solutions, because without such you are in big trouble, especially if you take not only for your personal clothes but for your family’s as well…… With a little creativity, you can create space for everything you need for the perfect, compatible and useful laundry area.

Useful platforms
Think of the places in the small laundry room which you still haven’t conquer yet. These are probably some of the walls. They have flat and item-free surfaces which actually allows you to put some things in special drawers, shelves or any other kind of storage “devises” adjusted to the walls.
You could hang many different stuff as the usage of a hanger or a storage compartment for your laundry.
So in other words you should think and act rather practical than art-orientated in manner. The only possible way to conquer the success in a small laundry room is using every available space you can, every little inch of it. This means that you might have to forget about your dreams of hanging cool artwork on the wall for example. No, instead think about how you could best use that space to keep some necessities.

A hanging wire storage
A hanging wire storage rack would work great for storing detergent, dryer sheets or orphan socks that need to find their buddies after the long twister in the washing machine. The hooks are a great option for hanging lingerie or other smaller items to dry. The importance is that you use the storage rack vertically adjusted, which will allow you to store stuff quite easily and in the same time it will not use that much of a space.

Another perfect way to DIY your way to the clean and dry clothes is to make yourself additional artificial dryer which will not take the so needed place and in the same time will provide really nice compartment for the drying of your clothes. For the purpose take some old ladder. Coat it in your favorite paint color and if necessary coat it again with another layer and after that with varnish, so it will sustain the moisture of the wet clothes. Equip the four sides of the ladder with good sustainable rope or metal chain (you could get all these from your local hardware store). After that you need for hooks, adjusted to your ceiling where the four sides of the ladder level up and make the thing stay horizontally, providing this way space underneath it and in the same time row bars for hanging still wet clothes.

Unused corners?

Really? Have you got any unused corners in the laundry room? And you still haven’t put them in work? Wow, think again and get yourself some tape-line, take the measures of the free space and fill it later with shelves. The options for executing this mission are numerous. You could take the measures really easy, and after that bespeak some nice and practical shelves to a carpenter or just go to the nearest department store to fetch some for yourself. Shelves will do a big-time job when keeping around detergents or any other cleaning supplies, including lighter items for the room’s purpose.

Storage containers
Use baskets and storage containers for some of the things, which need to be in this room. Baskets could be of any different kind of material and most often they are soft which allows them to provide space for many different supplies for the laundry room, including towels. The moment you have got the so much needed shelves, you should try to get ahead of the mess by wrangle around your laundry supplies in these baskets, boxes or storage containers. If you be any means and reasons possess some vintage items, this is the perfect space to show off before your buddies.
If you prefer things a bit more orderly-looking, you can use one single type of basket or jar for all of your supplies. Even if your laundry room is in an unseen corner of your home, you’ll enjoy doing laundry much more if your space is looking neat and well-[prepared for the task.

Separation of space
In order to separate your laundry area from any other in the dwelling, and if you didn’t manage to put a door on it, try to separate it by putting a curtain. You can choose a different curtain by your demand and design prints or colors on it. This is a splendid solution if your washer and dryer are positioned at a more visible place in your home. While curtains won’t provide any sound protection, they will be actually a perfect option for hiding your washer and dryer.

You should create a folding raft of station. Since you will have to wash clothes, hence you will need to fold them properly.
Having a tiny laundry place isn’t that bad. Even here, you might have some room to create a folding station. This is a good option for a family that does a lot of laundry and needs a bit of room to spread out and fold up the clothes.

Consider mounting a small piece of a counter onto your wall and using that for folding. If you’re handy, you might even be able to create a solution that can fold down and back up when not in use to save a bit more space. And if you think you couldn’t manage that job, call a professional.

Don’t forget about them. They are your friend in every occasion involved. They could be great helpers in storing as well. You can use them as a base for putting some hanger onto them for example. It doesn’t have to be something fancy. It has to be practical. As practical as just few hooks for hanger are.