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A cleaning guide for bed bugs and living room carpets

Those of us, who have had the unfortunate encounter with bed bugs, know that they are quite the nasty pest, more than ants or even fleas on dogs – they are resilient and multiply quite reliably.

This is why when you have an infestation it’s best to act quickly before you get them on every fabric in the house – as a secondary rule it’s good to figure out how they reached the living room carpets.

Getting rid of them for good

What is even more important is that you get rid of the nasty critters for good, because they pray on dead skin cells, but do have expeditions to try and eat some of your blood.

While not toxic or hazardous like mosquitoes, the itching from bed bugs is quite infuriating and can drive a family away from a house in a heartbeat.

This is why it’s important to act quickly – if you are lucky you have gotten them in an early stage and they have not had the chance to lay eggs or spread to other fabrics quite yet.

The best home solution is using a UV light or an ozone light which has a deep penetrating effect, and goes deeper than any other light source.

The ozone light is quite harsh on living organisms, while protecting the textiles – these types of lights you can get a handle on in pharmacies or drug stores, or you can purchase one online. Make sure to go over well and double check into the fibers to make sure the nasty pests are gone.

Using professional help

If you don’t have the time or the resources to do it yourself, the best solution for the moment is to call a professional cleaning team, as fumigation might be overkill.

Professionals will have the proper equipment, which includes an ozone light that has the double effect of disinfecting any surface from organic material it comes in contact with.

It is important that they take a really thorough approach, because while adults are easy to spot and kill, larva and eggs are quite small and resilient, most likely residing at the base of the carpet.

There are dry solutions that can take care of the eggs, and it is quite often a common follow up solution after an ozone pass – you can find such a solution at a big box store.

Spray it then use a vacuum on its highest sucking setting to extract the detergent and the dead bed bugs – you will get quite good results – no poisons, no toxins, no deadly fumes.

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