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Bathroom windows and how they affect light

The bathroom of a house is a focal point, it might be the most visited and secretly cherished place in a home, it is a place of relaxation, comfort and restoration – emotional and physical.

This is why it’s important to invest some effort in its decoration, the placement of the tiles, the vanity, each edge and design all of the amenities and supplies, as well as making your bathroom a safe-proof place.

Each and every element of this room makes up the feeling that you get when you come in – families with young children know how important solitude can be to rearrange yourself after a big day.

So a solidarity that is shaped to your own true sensations and feelings is an important part of emotional health and recharging, so the composition of the room is very important.

Light is the most important factor

Without light there would be no vision, so a light source in the bathroom is most needed – windows, on the one hand, are a great source of daylight and general ambience.

However this is a picky topic and can be quite the subject when it comes to privacy during the day – you want sunlight, yet you want your privacy, and this is true especially if you are on the second story of a house.

So in such a case, what are your options of getting sunlight in, without attracting eyes to your personal time and rituals? One of the choices is a glazed window which prevents direct sunlight from bouncing off of the window preventing direct view inside.

It is like a haze which covers the clear glass, there are very cheap solutions with covering foils doing the job perfectly.

If you want there are specialized electric windows which glaze over when electrified with a special switch, it is a little more expensive but a lot long lasting – it gives you the option of clear and unclear glass at the press of a button.

Glass bricks

And then there are glass bricks which are placed with mortar just like ordinary bricks, with the difference of being unclear, distorted glass that allows just enough sunlight to go through. These replace windows completely and in a traditionally framed house, are place right above the joists of a house, just like you would a window.

These are solid blocks, with air between the different layers, allowing for some moderate heat transfer during summer and good heat retention during the winter. You will have no choice of opening windows, but some people do enjoy the look of the glass brick, even though it is an older interior design piece.

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