Center of the living room

Quality time in your living room

How to spend more quality and meaningful time in the living room? Hint – lose the TV set.

It’s an idea that we think about fer far too long now. It happens that a lot of people complain that there’s nothing to do when being at home, that it’s almost as boring as being in the opera when 4-years old. The reason for many of these problems concerning to us is that we have digitally conetcted so much to our devices at home that even the slightlest change, an electricity breakdown and something like that can ruin our day at home.

There are few few things we can do in order to train ourselves and think of new activities we can do at home, when outside is raining cats and dogs.

A very important thing to us is to try and remove the TV set from the living room. Yes, we know it sounds like like a big time revolution, but nevertheless why skip trying that? It’s not like making an ugly tatoo on your face after all.

It’s actually a theory that if you manage to turn your head away from the TV set you will be able to see and think of something else instead. Absolutely different from the things one has used to do in the living room. If you have the opportunity build up a fireplace. It will make you enough work in winter days and you will get to know with some additional abilities for yourself. Why not?

Another thing – books. They are the classic way to put your attention in one place. They are interesting. They could be rather entertaining. They develop imagination and much more.

But all of the mentioned things need to be considered and pondered through one’s head. Because when making changes around the house we must really think of which way is sofa directed, how are chairs situated around the table, how many things in the living room catch your attention and put away your thoughts of watching a tv programme, instead of something else.

This is not preaching. Not at all. Being entertained is very important for people. It charges the batteries, boosts the imagination, relaxes and so on and so forth.