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Me&My Family: Ideas for Spending Winter Days with Kids at Home

Winter is the season of cozy evenings spent in front of the fireplace, pleasant aromas of cinnamon and pumpkin, and spending quality time with your family.

Having to stay at home due to the cold weather can sound scary at the beginning, if you are used to taking your children to kindergarten and not having them home for the whole day. Winter break can make you wonder how to entertain them at home so that they don’t tear the house down.

You will discover that children could actually be very understanding and disciplined when you engage them in an activity that excites them.

Fun and Beneficial Activities for your Children During Winter

There are numerous activities you can do together with your children that will not only entertain them, but develop a lot of their skills. Such activities are fundamental for their growth and winter provides you with many opportunities and ideas on how to engage your kids.

Enjoy your winter days spent together with your family with these winter shared activities.

Bake Some Cookies

Part of the reason why kids love winter so much is that it’s the season of cookies.

Stack up on some thematic Christmas cookie cutters and create a bunch of sweet reindeers and snowflakes. Experiment with different decorations and always let you children make artistic choices in the preparation.

DIY Christmas Decorations

Doing different crafts in your home can be a relaxing hobby, and your children would definitely enjoy the shared activity and the result.

Most children love making things with their hands, and they will feel good when they see their creations decorating your home.

Collect various types of materials in order to make it more exciting for them. If you see they struggle with ideas, give them an example, and never interrupt them if you see that they are expressing their creativity.

Read a Story

Cold and snowy winters are the perfect opportunity to snuggle in the fuzzy blankets with cups of hot chocolate and read a Christmas story together with your kids.

If they are old enough to read you could take turns to make it more exciting for them and give them an opportunity to train their skills.

Reading together is a much better option than watching the TV, since it develops you kids’ imagination and helps them view reading as something enjoyable.

At the end you could create your own story together, which will make them think creatively and will produce a result that you can always come back to.

Charity Work

Around Christmas a lot of charity organizations start collecting donations of all sorts for children in need. This is the perfect time to teach your kids to be generous and appreciate everything that they have, which will make their life much more fulfilling later on.

Choose together all the toys that are catching dust at your home, while some other kid that doesn’t have much would enjoy them. Pick the clothes that your child doesn’t need any more and prepare a beautifully crafted package together.

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