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What you can do to increase your property’s value

A property’s value will be influenced by many factors, starting from the area the property is in, the crime rates, its proximity to stores, malls and recreational areas as well as access to public transport, schools and even undergoing infrastructure projects. While you cannot control most of these, what you can control is the state of the property and this what today’s topic will cover.

Getting the most out of your property – quick guide

If you are thinking of putting your property on the market, and you’d like to get more than you paid for it, there are several things which you can do to increase the value of the property. In this guide, we’ve put the least expensive and most influential factors which buyers are looking for, as well as those who you can use as leverage to increase the asking price.

Renovate kitchen and bathroom

As the most commonly used rooms in a house, the kitchen and bathroom + toilet, are your main priority. Any improvements in terms of quality and style of vanities, furniture, functionality, size and usability specifications, will dramatically increase the value of the property.

Bathrooms are some of the most important aspects, especially for a family, so if you are selling, make sure to renovate the bathroom because that’s what people will be looking for. Improve the vanities, get higher quality furniture, get mirrors and make it look homey.

Invest in lawn care and patio furniture

The lawn is the first thing buyers will notice when they pull up to view the property, so make sure to invest some time and money in good lawn care. Nice lush lawns and backyards will allow families to more easily imagine their children playing in green, lush, good looking grass rather than dried, dead grass.

This can also mean doing some landscaping and investing in patio furniture, or even – building a patio. Depending on the area you are in, there are relevant construction codes which need to be followed, so keep that in mind – you might a license to add to the structure of the house, even if it’s just a patio.

Better furniture

While there are unfurnished properties which sell for a high price, a lot of real-estate agents will confirm that selling a property with furniture is a lot easier. This shows the potential buyer a homey feel which he can recognize himself in – however, it’s important not to use too many flashy colors or types of furniture because those are polarizing.

The furniture should have character but not cross the line of extravagance because most people like their homes to be comfortable and not on the cover of an interior design magazine.

Nice looking façade

Repaint the cladding, there’s nothing worse than crooked or scuffed weather boards so one thing which you can do to spruce up the face of the house is to repaint it. Use something modest and keep it clean, you can also use accented colors for window shutters and other aspects of the house, however, keep in mind that if your property falls under a HOA, you might have issues with standing out too much.

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