What colors to dhoose for your home

How to Choose the Colors For Your Home

Once you have already taken the hard decision on which property to buy with the location, facilities and layout in mind, another set of serious questions is there for you. One of these is the question with the colors that you are to choose for your new home. Should it be left white? Should you choose green instead? Or maybe something bold like red?

Choosing the Colors

Choosing a color should be careful, as colors do have an impact on our lives. The color options are endless and sometimes you as home-owner might be overwhelmed. When colors are concerned you should know that the exterior colors are as important as the interior ones.

Thus, if you have invested in a new house, think about the color or the house and make sure it matches the surrounding neighborhood houses. If the property is a resale, then a new paint would not hurt anyone, though you might want to renovate the inside of the house first.

What about the interior

Now, inside the home you have a far greater choice – there are many colors to be chosen from or there are many interior designers that can assist with that. Basically you need to follow your own preferences as after all you and your family will be the ones to live in the property.

As it is with fashion trends, some colors come into style and others go out of style through the years. There are also colors that are considered timeless. The modern trends in interior design today are for clean and classic interior. The bright and vivid colors are not advisable. Rather, you should look for more neutral colors inspired by nature. The same advice is valid not only for the colors of the walls but also for the colors of the cabinets, the countertops, the flooring.

How the different colors affect us

The colors that we use in our home affect us in three main ways – we find them passive, active or neutral. The light colors are airy, making the room look brighter and more spacious. The dark colors are warmer and give the premise an intimacy.

Red – it raises the energy in the room. Good for the dining and living rooms to stimulate the conversation. Good for the passion in the bedroom.

Yellow – cheery color that radiates happiness and joy. Ideal for kitchens and dining rooms.

Green – refreshing color and restful for the eye. Suitable for all rooms in the house, but especially good for the bedroom as it helps the fertility.

Blue – serene color that reduces the blood pressure and the heart rate. Perfect choice for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Purple – the dark purple color is sophisticated, associated with luxury, the lighter purple brings relaxation.

Orange – this energetic color brings excitement. It is ideal for the fitness and exercise rooms.

White, Grey, Brown, Black – these are neutral colors and give depth.
Having said all that, the bottom line is that you can choose from many colors and some assistance will not hurt.