kokedama plant

Kokedama plant – basically the trendiest home plant right now

Japanese culture has been welcomed in many homes around the world since the last decade and more. Many find the mixture between culture and beliefs some kind magnificent and fairy. That’s why recently a lot of things from the Japanese homes became part of the homes of other people around the world. A very good example of this is the new trendy home plant, called Kokedama plant. The strange name stands for even stranger looking but in the same time so beautiful plant.

Here are some of the best and most interesting features of the Kokedama home plant and how to add this particularly cool plant to your home improvement ideas.

It looks like a simple thing

And it actually is. There are a lot of stories on the web about the plant and ways to making one for yourself. It has many different outlooks, depending on what type of décor the owner has decided to put the plant into. Some of them are absolutely adjustable to the table décor, some to the wall. It all depends on you.

Leave your new Kokedama plant on plain site among its “relatives”. It is very important to know, that the Kokedama plant would probably “feel” good among other plants and such atmosphere. You could leave the green orb in its natural habitat, where there is good lighting, fresh air and this way it will flourish well.

The essence

It is kind of a strange mixture of few nature products. It all begins with some peat moss, bonsai soil, moss and a kind of succulent, which you could choose. All this is being hold in one by twine. The best part is that there is no Kokedama, which looks exactly like some other. That makes them absolutely genuine.

Some put a bit of color to the Kokedama by adding flowers. Since it’s a trendy fashion, the Kokedama is prone to many different modifications in design. Adding floor blooms is one of them. It creates perfect contrast to the whole picture.

The blooming of the Kokedama plant

It’s a metaphorical process in some ways, and a literal in others. The pretty succulent bouquet looks a lot effort to be created. Hence many of us have given up on trying to. Others do put their “fears” aside and tend to try to assemble their own Kokedama plant. For its creation one will need pins and patience.

Along the whole web there are plenty of ideas to make your own Kokedama plant. That’s why we encourage you to be brave and try to build one of you. It will probably be lots of effort, but we assure you, the result will be absolutely satisfying.