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Easy oven cleaning in few simple steps

No matter how often you clean the house there is always a probability of leaving some unwanted stains and spots behind. One of the casualties of the mess at home could be the oven. Oven cleaning has not be an easy task ever since ovens were invented. Do in few steps we would talk about how important is cleaning the oven process and how to do in the most efficient and easy way.

Types of stains

It does not matter what type of cook you are. There is always a lot of mess, when it comes to cooking for the family or for 20 guests. That means that you will probably have to spend as many hours cleaning the oven as many hours you spend to cook a decent meal. No matter the consequences though, there has to be cooking, you know! So by all means, there has to be cleaning as well.

In other way your stove will smell just like the meal you overcooked last Sunday. And nobody will tolerate this one. So, roll up your sleeves and do te obligatory minimum of cleaning the stove process, so there will be easier after that.


For a step one of the oven cleaning, think of scrapping with a single – edged scrapper the top of the oven. This works especially if there is a glass top of the oven. But do not forget to be a bit more careful and gentle. Β And in case you do not know, the harsh power is not always enough. So when you have already scrapped the area you need, go on and soak the stains with some of the strongest cleaners you have got. But before that make sure it is appropriate for this kind of surfaces.

Leave the cleaner to do its job. After the necessary time scrap it again gently, slowly but firmly, so the stains will go out. While doing this hold the blade in about 40 – degree angle. The only thing left is to wipe out the rest of the mess. It should be job – well – done.

The problem with the grates

We could say that they suffer mostly when it comes to after cooking stains. The stains on the top of the oven are the basic things that get dirty after a long – term cooking. So check carefully and if the manual says it’s OK, you can put the grades in the dishwasher and start the oven cleaning this way. The device will do its best, and probably that will solve most of the messy cooking problems with the oven. Do this task two or three times per month, depending how often you use the oven.

You could sink the grades by hand of course. Just use warm water, soapy water and use the sink for this purpose. This way you will have control on the process. Then scrub the grates gently, but if there is a coat cover over them you could use a sponge before the gentle scouring with a pad.


Do not forget – safety first. Once you start cleaning the oven you should reassure that it is turned off and unplugged from the electrical system. Other ways it is kind of dangerous. The other thing that you must be careful is to not getting the electrical connection wet. If this happens take good care of it and dry it very well, before plugging it into the electrical system again.

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