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Best tricks for rare home cleaning

Home cleaning  only when we want to? Yeah, that’s possible of course. But nevertheless we should be more precise in the same time when taking care of the things in the house and keeping clean enough.

Time spent on cleaning sounds good only when the job is done. Nobody likes spending the weekend at home scrubbing spots and dirt of the surfaces. That’s why there are some ways, which needs to be considered in order to clean more rarely and still have a home, clean enough to be visited by quests and friends.

What to do

For example – keep things clean enough for tomorrow. That means that when there is a little spot somewhere you better clean it, so spots like these won’t gather around. In other way you have to deal with a lot more scrubbing and rinsing after a week of postponement.

Keep the kitchen countertops clean. It’s quite an easy task, you know. The only thing you need is a damp cloth and a sponge. The same is with the bathroom sink and the bathroom tiles and mirror. Have a swipe on them once in a while and you’ll see that when cleaning day comes, there will not be much to do here.

The necessary home cleaning

If you happen to be quite busy during the day you probably know that sometimes it is rather hard to clean well enough the house. So, in order of not falling into some kind of a frustration, clean only things, that need to be cleaned. What is that suppose to mean? – That means that when you see some spot, dirt, spider web, or something, clean it. But do not go any further if you ain’t got the time.


You know where you could find them. That’s why take the damp cloth with the solution and just clean that thing off. There is no need to scrub the whole door like crazy, just because you saw some fingerprints around the handle.


It is the next best thing in cleaning plans. If you don’t want to waste away your weekend with cleaning and dusting at home while the others o for a walk or to the beach, get this one seriously. Prevention is the key to a clean home without many efforts.

If you don’t want to dust and clean your doorstep mats every day, well just take off your shoes outside before coming in.

This way you will not damage your carpets as well and will not have to vacuum every day.

It’s not about laziness

Yes, it is not about laziness at all. The reason is that nowadays lots of people do not have the physical time to deal with a massive home cleaning for the spring. We are busy enough to deal with the everyday stuff, so at the weekends we would like to take a break. That is why we should think smart and clean smart as well. Hopefully, there are lots of ideas out there, just as the ones above. So again – think smart, clean smart.

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