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Clean the oven efficiently

Clean the oven efficiently- it sounds like a hard one, doesn’t it? Yes it can be so, but it sometimes it may not. Because a clean home is a happy home. Nevertheless the clean home does not appear just like that from nothing. We have to put some efforts in this endeavor to feel comfortable and at our own place. Kitchen could be a lot of mess, especially when you tend to cook regularly. There’s always the need to cook and the need to take care of the mess properly. Oven is one of the kitchen appliances which suffers most from the cooking process. Yes, all the meals coming out of there are such a pleasure. But in the same time you need to buckle up and find ways to clean the mess after the cooking. Cleaning the oven sufficiently is one of the things you need to learn how to do.

There are few steps to follow to clean as easy as you can your good-old oven. Some of them need more time. Some of them happen almost in an instant. But the best ways to do that are the ones that follow.

The good-old bicarbonate soda method
This ingredient is a great solution for you to clean the oven efficiently. It is used in many different types of cleaning-the-house tasks. You can simply imagine. But it is also one of the best ways to clean the oven sufficiently only by yourself.

You must follow few steps here:
First, go on and heat your oven gently, then allow it to cool down. When it is quite warm enough add a cup of soda into amount of water, so you receive a good thin paste when you mix them.

Apply the paste thinly all over the walls of the oven. Just be careful to move over any elements.
While the bicarbonate soda is still on the walls of the oven, spray it with vinegar, using a spray bottle.

A reaction is going to happen, which will clean the oven’s walls properly. You only have to leave it there for about an hour.

After that, use a damp cloth and gently wipe down the mixture off the walls of the oven.

The easiest method the clean the oven
One of the easiest methods for you to clean the oven sufficiently is with the help of the super power of the…water. And especially hot water. Basically it is the steam that cleans up the oven with this method. It’s basically useful for relatively clean ovens, because if it is too greased from cooking, this one might not help properly. But still, there is the method:
For a start place a large oven proof container, filled with water in the oven. Be sure to place it on the lower rack of it.

Afterwards turn the oven on up to the highest setting and heat the water for about half an hour.
Then allow the temperature in the oven to cool down, but without opening the door.
Take a damp cloth and wipe all the surface of the oven. The steam of the hot water should have done its job and removed all the unwanted after-cooking deposits.

The “hardcore” method
This so called gumption method is one of the most efficient to clean the oven properly. It keeps oven racks clean and shiny for a long time. Using gumption is quite radical, but hey, if it is necessary, you probably have to deal with this one too. This one will clean well and maintain the surface of the oven in good shape for a decent time ahead.
How to do it:

Add some Gumption to a damp cloth or sponge. After that wipe gently with oval movements the whole oven surface. It will move away all the grease from the cooking along with the solution.

Cleaning the oven racks
Most of the grease messing the oven stays not only all over the walls of the device, but also on the racks. Since they are similar to ribs in most of the times, respectively they are a lot harder to clean. But still- there are ways of doing them properly as well. And as we like to say- when there is a problem, there is probably a decision for it.

The best way
Here is an easy way to clean your oven racks efficiently:
Fill your bathtub (if you have one) with hot water. Then add a cap full with stain soaker and mix well. Then put the greased racks into the hot water and leave them there for about an hour. The solution will do its job and after the required time get the racks out of the bathtub, rinse them and leave them to dry on the sun. The result will be astonishing- shining and clean oven racks.

Clean oven efficiently and for good
Cleaning well your oven won’t be enough since you are going to cook regularly. You need to take care of that thing properly and all the time, so it won’t happen that you have to deal with massive deposits of grease every month. So there are some good tips for keeping your oven clean for good and a long time.

When cooking something, use the situation and put a large baking utensil right on the lowest part of your oven. It does not matter what you are cooking in that moment. This will prevent any overflows catching them while cooking. Afterwards you just throw out the water and that’s all.
And whatever you do, remember that racks are easy to be cleaned and for all the occasions you will need hot water. And if you have a large-enough water sink you could wash the oven racks right in there- with just hot water and some cleaning solution.

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