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Pets at home and how to clean properly


Pets at home? For some it might sounds like a pretty cool and one-of-a-kind idea. For others though it might a real-life nightmare. But since you or your kids have the dream of having a sweet kitten, Chihuahua or a gigantic Bern shepherd, it’s your house to decide whether you would like to have it or not.
In this article we would like to talk about the pros and cons, the do and don’ts of having a furry ball at home. And if you are from those brave souls, who have just decided to have one, you will be probably be happy thankful for the next few tips and tricks of having a pet at home.

One step at a time
First of all you must decide what type of all the existing pets do you and your family want. If it is a fish or a hamster, or an ant farm- you are cool. If it is something a lot bigger- something like a bulky cat or an enormous Rottweiler you should probably consider many more occasions in the mutual life with your future new pet.

Let’s see the occasion when you have got a little puppy or already a big dog. You have to deal with dog hair that is for sure. The only difference would be if that hair is long or short. Long doggy’s hair could be seen sometimes everywhere around the house. On one hand that makes it pretty easy to be tracked down and collected. On the other hand it is pretty obvious and unpleasant. Short doggy’s hair could be hardly seen, but instead of that it’s really stubborn once it has got to the textile of your furniture. It stays there like thousands of little needles, which would not get out if you do not pull them out with the vacuum cleaner.

For a start
First let’s start with the ways you will prevent the dog’s or the cat’s fur going in your precious textile parts, floor or clothes.
– Brush your pets regularly (if there is a need- a home iguana won’t have those needs) and brush them well. It’s of vital need not only to your home but to them as well. Specialists and vets do advice that you should brush your pet on a regular basis. This will really reduce the hair in the air of your home, on the floors and the furniture. For best results brush your pet outside, because no matter how good is your brush, there is always the possibility of hair staying in its fur, and later ending in your home.

The good-old vacuum cleaner
Most of the problems won’t even exist if we take precautions. But no matter how many efforts you put into preventing your pet’s hair rolling around, there will be still some percentage of it laying on the floor and furniture. Hence, you have to deal with that one as well. So in this case the most efficient device to be used is the good-old vacuum cleaner. If do not know how many times a week is good for your home to be vacuumed, there is the answer: once a week for every person and pet in the house. So if there are four people plus a dog in the house, you should vacuum at least 4-5 times.

Restricting the rooms
If your pet does not enters all of the rooms, you can concentrate only in those which he goes. Cleaning some of the hair depends from the surface from which you are vacuuming it. If it is a wooden or tiled flooring it will be probably more effective to use broom or a dust-mop.

Depending on what kind of pet you are taking care for, you should bath them regularly, or as much as your vet is advising you. Actually most of the pets like cats and dogs have to bathe basically when they need it. Use also only particular soaps and shampoos for this occasion.

pet at home brushingGood precautions
A good precaution is if you try to finish your furniture with a surface that is smooth or very tightly. This will prevent some unwanted pet hair to stay on them. They are also very easier to clean.

Get a private bed for your pet. No matter if it is a dog or a cat, they will be more comfortable if they have their own place to sleep and bed for that purpose. If your pet has its own place, it will appreciate it and hence start to use it. This way its fur will be located mainly around its bedding area.

Other messy things

Yes, it’s your favorite dog in the world, but let’s face it- they do a lot of mess, and that’s absolutely fine. If you doggy or kitten has made “a mischief”, but you only find the smell of it, you could either follow your nose, or turn on a “black lamp” and see if you could find the so called “mischief”.

No matter how much you vacuum or clean your home, there may always be some slight smell, because your dog or cat. For this occasion you could use specialized solutions with good odor experience especially for pets at home.

Mud or water stains
If it happens that your “best friend” goes straight inside the house and all over the clean carpet with its muddy paws, there is no need to panic. Try to clean up the mess after your pets as faster as you can, but first leave the mud to dry out. If the mud stains are all dried up, you could easily vacuum them.

Poop stains are a stinky and unpleasant one. But since your pup is still a youngster you cannot be mad at it, just because he it made some mess in the kitchen or in the living room. After all it’s a little puppy and you probably have been prepared for such situations. So if such mess appears clean it as faster as you can. You could have your own recipe for this one. Just mix one table spoon dish detergent, one table spoon white vinegar, and two cups of warm water. Treat and scrub if it needs the stain with the mixture.

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