cleaning computer screen

Clean your computer screen efficiently

If it happens you are a computer junkie, you probably have felt the desperate need of cleaning the dust off, from and beneath your personal device. clean your computer screen is basically the most important physical action that you could do with it. It should be done regularly and in a good and careful manner.

The solutions for this deed are numerous. Some of them could be purchased from the market, some could be “invented” by you, and others are just plain and pure chemistry from 5th grade. So there are some of the best ways to clean your computer screen, even though you might already know of some.

The first way to clean your computer screen

The first thing you should do for a safe working on the monitor is to turn it down. This way you will lower the risk of electrocution, but in the same time this will allow you to see where the hard spots and grime are along the screen.

So after you have plugged out and turned off the monitor you start by wiping the dust off. Use a dry cloth. Not only dry, but soft as well, cause these things are not made for hardcore interactions.

Do the dusting with slow circular motions, and not too much pressure. The textile should be lint-free, non-abrasive as well. If it is larger, it better, so you could cover larger range with a single wipe. This way you will able to avoid leaving streaks across the screen and any finger pressure on it.

And if you do know nothing about cloths – there are some suggestions for this occasion:


  • Microfiber
  • Some old cotton t-shirt
  • Cotton handkerchief
  • Cotton tea towel

Try not to use paper or dish towels, and facial tissues, cause they could be too abrasive and not enough gentle to the screen.

The next step is to apply cleaning solution to the cloth. The important thing to know here is to not spray the solution directly to the screen. It is like that with most of the solutions you can buy. Drips can lead to unwanted malfunctions to the gadget and also to some permanent damages.

So spray the solution on the sloth at first. Do this in small amounts, so there won’t be any leftovers after you finish.

After few strokes you should clean the grime off the used cloth. Do the cleaning in small circles and try not to put too much pressure in this activity. Do not scrape if there is some spot or smudge that is more persistent than the others. That’s the job of the cleaner – to dissolve them.

If it is needed repeat the process few times. This will handle the situation well. If there are any leftovers from the moisture go on and clean them well.

Let it dry

Let the monitor dry very well. Meanwhile make sure that it is completely stains free and moisture free. To minimize the risk of moisture damaging the screen or the internal parts of the device. If you have thought about a hair drier, consider that well and know that it is absolutely wrong.

Do not thing about any other heating devices, cause you could damage your monitor for good. The drying should be a natural process here and a final touch to clean your computer screen efficiently.

The second way – your own cleaning solution

First make sure you have the right water. The right water means you should provide clean water. Not tap water, because tap water sometimes has some minerals, which could be too hard on your PC or laptop monitor.

Instead prepare yourself a distilled water, which you could do by boiling the necessary amount, and let it cool down very well.

The cleaning agent

Adding the cleaning agent to the distilled water is the second step of this DIY method of cleaning of the monitor. There are few good cleaning solutions to clean it very well. Some of them are homemade – isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar. You choose the right one for you.

Both of these solutions are super effective when it comes to cleaning the monitor. Just do not mix the two ingredients. You simply do not want or need that.

Important mark

Remember not to use any cleaning agents that consist ammonia. Simple window cleaners are such. They are very dangerous, cause they could discolor the monitor.

When you use the isopropyl alcohol, use a little mix of it with distilled water. If you try with the vinegar, start with a solution of 50/50, but if you think the solution is not strong enough you could add some more vinegar.

An interesting fact is that pure vodka could do the job of the isopropyl alcohol in this cleaning business.

Method number three. The easy one

Purchasing an already prepared cleaning solution for your laptop or PC monitor is the easiest way. It’s faster, and probably safer than the homemade way, where there is a risk for you to damage the screen without wanting that.

Before buying read some info. Most of the cleaning solutions are universal mixtures and most of them are just fine to clean your computer screen. Since every store says that its products are best, it could be a bit hard for you to manage choosing the best cleaning solutions for you at first.

So go on and ask for advice from people that have been already using some of the solutions. Read some reviews, see what other users have in mid about the product. Then purchase.

Get the full kit to clean your computer screen

Provide yourself with the whole cleaning kit that you will need. That includes the good and soft cleaning sloth. You could find in also in special stores for this occasion. Some of them are specially designed for monitors.