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The best ways for storing spices

To be creative at home is not that hard geometry. It could be as easier as to turn on a radio or something. But we all know that maintaining a home in a decent way persistence, work and regular interests in the interior design. If that sounds too hard for you, then you should read more of our articles. In this one we will talk a bit about the best ways for storing spices.

It’s a kitchen theme. And the kitchen is one of the rooms which we visit probably the most. This is where we cook, this is where we eat, and this is where …well this is where we sometimes fall asleep over a glass of milk (or something harder) and a hard long day.

And since there is quite a cooking in the kitchen, there is always the need of few or more than a few jars of spices. Bought from the store or homemade, it does not matter. The important thing is that these spices need very neat and proper storing. A good shelf or a cupboard will provide the space. But what if you are a spice junkie and possess more jars of spices than space for them?

Well, it is a problem.

Here are the coolest and most creative ways to store away your spices.

The magnetic power

This way your spices will be always before your eyes. They will be so easy to fetch and on the other hand it will look as cool as you can imagine. How the magic happens? Well, the functional idea is to provide yourself with a magnetic or metal plate and jars with magnetic or metal caps. This way your spice utensils will be always as close as you can get.

Such “gadgets are already available in many stores.

Saving space is creating space

There are simply plenty of ways to create additional space if you’ve got smaller kitchen. You don’t have to throw something out of the cabinet, you could put something in instead. A very smart and reasonable idea is to use the space of the cupboards’ doors. We mean the inside part of it of course.

Right in that spot you could adjust some narrow (but spacious for the spice jars) mini shelves, that could provide the needed space.

Another inside-the-cupboard way is to simply buy little rails with plates with holders for the jars, that can be adjusted to the upper part of the cupboard (the ceiling of the cupboard) and then. Most of these devices could be found in the local specialized market.

 An interesting and thoughtful idea

Simply as it gets – use test tubes from glass for storing spices. They could be found in some particular stores, but if you think this would be alright for your kitchen storing of spices, try it. It won’t be expensive as hell and in the same time the test tubes will provide smart space for the spices – all before your eyes.

Then you could put the tubes into wooden rack, which will be great decision for a rustic-style kitchen.

The good ol’ bags for storing spices

If you happen to buy all your spices in great amounts, this idea is probably one of the best for you. Plastic bags are a great deal and а space – saving idea for storing spices. After putting them into the plastic bags they could be tightened up if the bag has one of those tightening upper parts of it. If it does not – simply roll the open part of the bag and pin it well.

The fridge and the space it provides

We talked about the magnetic walls. But this idea doesn’t need a magnetic wall. All it needs is to use your refrigerator wall as a metal plate, where jars with magnetic covers could be fixed. Fill up your favorite spices in the jars and cover them with magnetic caps (they are already in many hardware stores).

You can write down labels on the bottom of the jars with the names of the spices. This way you will know where the salt and pepper are.

Another bulky way for storing spices

If you happen to store spices in a bulk, probably there will be the need of additional place in a vertical manner. The easiest way is to bespoke personal open shelf with as many shelves as you need. It could have also the right size for your kitchen or closed. This way you can allow yourself to put the spices into bigger jars that will fit on the shelves.

Drawer space

It’s already 21st century and there is almost everything in the big department or hardware stores. Provide yourself with a drawer organizer for spices and jars. There are plenty of models and sizes. This way you will be able to estimate the amount of space you have. Then make room for the new drawer organizer.

New life to old stuff

Even you want to build up a contemporary kitchen with modern outlook, you could try to use old stuff adding distinctive effect on the room. If you have got some old trays, that’s great. Go deep enough to store small jars of something, you could think of using those, before you consider to throw them out.

Just adjust the tray (vertically) to the wall with nails or strong hardware glue and divide them with piece of a plank, in order to create a shelf-like border. This way you could double the space for the little jars.

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