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Best bathroom flooring ideas

A bathroom is a sacred place. For everyone. It’s a room for solitude and relax. So a bathroom deserves a lot more attention and care than we probably provide it with. Starting with the ceiling, walls, sink, utensils, textile and finishing with the floor – all of this need a lot of maintenance. So here we are going to talk a bit about the best bathroom flooring ideas.

It’s a place where you need to show good performance, and practical usage of all things in there. The flooring is probably one of the most important things in a bathroom, because nobody wants to slip and fall over something or someone, nobody needs leaking bathroom, and especially out-of-style bathroom. This is why you should consider more attention to this part of the dwelling, even if it needs a bit more investment.

Ceramic tile for bathroom flooring

They could be designer’s choice or your personal idea. These are probably the most used materials for bathroom flooring since …. since there are bathrooms at all. Ceramic tiles come in many different shapes, designs and sizes. That means that they are simply very compatible with other parts of the interior of the bathroom.

Installation could be sometimes a tricky and a hard one, but with the right skills (by right skills we mean the right professionals) you could create a great ceramic bathroom floor.

In the meantime have in mind that glazed tiles could be tricky and very slippery when wet. That is why when you think about the design think also about the practical part of this idea. Choose rather tiles with textured surface. Smaller tiles (probably the smallest ones) are also a good idea, because they will not let you slip easily.

The green way for bathroom flooring

It’s more like natural way. Cork is a great waterproof material, which is warm and resilient. It is splash-proof as well and comfortable when stepping on it. The surface is with good texture and absolutely slip-resistant.

Cork is often modified in tiles, so it could be easily adjusted to the bathroom floor as well. It is a material, made of harvested tree bark that actually grows back again. In this matter it is sustainable as well as biodegradable. If you rather used cork than any other flooring consider the fact that it should be replaced in every 2 – 3 years.

 The luxury stuff

If you would like to go with the luxury stuff, you will probably go with the stone tiles. Stone tiles could be of any different kind of stone, which is considerable depending where you live and your deliverers. Granite and marble are basic but very sophisticated and beautiful stone materials for a bathroom floor. Limestone is also a great choice.

Nevertheless the price for these materials could be a lot higher than any other. But still if the price is not a problem for you, go on and provide yourself with some of these stone tiles. The important thing for which you should be aware is to look carefully that the stone tiles are not polished.

Polished stone tiles could be dangerously slippery when it comes to a bathroom floor, where there is always moisture. So look for textured tiles and skid-resistant surfaces for this occasion.


Limestone and other “softer” stones are a great decision for a bathroom floor as well. But you should know that they should be coated with every two years with good and quality stone sealer. This way the moisture will not damage the surface. Harder stones like the mentioned above should be sealed as well, but in every four – five years.

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