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How to have safe-proof bathroom for good

A bathroom should be the most comfortable and yet safe place in your dwelling. That is a fact! Even having a small house or an apartment there is the obligatory for a nice and cozy bathroom, even that bathroom is being turned down to minimum size. It is a genera; place where one should feel cozy and in the same time practically overwhelmed. Here are some ideas for a safe-proof bathroom, suitable for youngsters and why not elder people.

Sit still
Since it is a bathroom everyone thinks that it is a place where you go in and get out as quickly as possible. But we tend to think other way. We tend to think a bit counter clockwise. That’s why we consider the idea of having a bench in there. It could provide your safe-proof bathroom not only with a place to sit, but mostly a storing area were you could put a towel or a box of shampoo and soaps, which you need while you spend time in there. It will make the bathroom even safer for kids and elders. Materials could be various, but good water-proof wood or metal will do a great job out of it. You could even bring some water-proof cushions for a better comfort.

The handy shower head
If it happens that your shower head is immobile think about a handhold shower head. This way it will not be necessary for you to roll around, move too much and adjust your body in a place where it is a bit more slippery than any other place. Doing this you will ensure a more safety bathroom space and make your experience there more comfortable. Such handhold shower heads could be found in every specialized store for bathroom utilities.

Hold on tight
Since it is a slippery place, your bathroom probably needs more thing to grab to. Possibly everyone of us has had the experience of falling or slipping in the bathroom. This could be a problem, especially for kids and elders. So for this occasion install some extra-duty grab holders and bars in the bathing area. It is best to install one outside the shower area and one in there. They could be used for handling some towels and other stuff. And if necessary you could grab them in order not to fall and hurt yourself.

The height
Think smart about the height of your vanity and other items which you use more often in the bathroom. The sink should be also at appropriate and necessary height. No matter the height standards you should consider your bathroom tops having in mind the height of you and your family. You should think of them as e preventing way not to bend over too much. But after all it is also important that you feel comfortable with the height of this one.

The height of the toilet seat is also important, so consider that one too, concerning your body height and your family’s.

Safe-proof materials
Most of the bathroom spaces have lots of glass items in there. But concerning to us it is more suitable and safe to prevent the too much glass-made items in the bathroom, except the mirrors. For example- glass walls and doors are a bit more dangerous than other. Glass doors need more money to be built in there and in the same time they need more maintenance. But even though you want a glass shower cabin or doors, there are plenty of models which are strong enough and heavy-duty to put in here and in the same time do not need much more maintenance.

Good lightning
No matter what the interior is, you should provide your safe-proof bathroom space with good lightning. The better it is lit, the safer it will be for you, your family and your guests. This way it would be even easier to clean and you will be able to mark any unwanted spots on the walls or on the glass parts. If you have got a window in the bathroom- that is great. But if you do not, there will be need of a good lightning. Lamps can be in many forms and design. Some of them don’t even take any additional space.

Materials for safe-proof bathroom
Choose tiles for the floor and why not porcelain for walls. It is more durable than any other materials for this occasion. In the same time it will be very easy for you to clean. With one swipe of a hand with watered and damp cloth you will do what is necessary.

The safe-proof bathroom flooring
Whatever the flooring in your bathroom is, it would be better to be with high slip resistance. Textured flooring can be reached even if you consider to put a concrete floor in the bathroom. Some tiles can provide this kind of secured and safe-proof flooring. This way not only your kids, but also elders will be safe and sound while walking along the wet floor.

No tripping
When entering a bathroom it is very unpleasant and also dangerous to trip into threshold. This could be very uncomfortable not to mention it could lead to injuries. No tripping area- this should be your bathroom entrance for sure. Especially when entering the shower area. If you have decided to put such a step before the entrance to the shower in order to stop water to come out of this space, it is OK. But this problem could be solved with the proper shower floor level, which will lead the water to the drain with no problem.

Everybody loves a good-old bathtub experience. Since you have such bathtub, you should know that even laying comfortably in there it is not quite as safe when going in and coming out of this place. So be wise and ensure the presence of a not slipping material around it. The limb of the bathtub should be also narrow as possible. Especially when you have to step over a large one. This way you will not have to spread legs when going into the bathtub and decrease the possibility of slipping and falling. Everything will be more balanced.

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